Hiking is common to women because of the huge benefits it offers them. It is a great exercise and those who engage in it derive wonderful experience. Hiking helps most women manage stress, and enjoy natural beauties of the mountains. Whether you are regular or an occasional hiker, you require the best women’s hiking boots. There could be severe consequences if you do not wear the most suitable boots. It can cause sores, blisters, and other avoidable injuries. For a wonderful hiking experience, select the best brand. Choosing the best is not easy. Making a choice of various brands can be confusing. If you do not know how to get the best, do not worry, we are here to assist you. This women’s hiking boot reviews is the final solution to your problems. Just keep reading to discover your best pair of boots for the next hiking expedition.

Hiking boots for women are different from those designed for men. The differences are obvious from their arch support, length, as well as width. When shopping for one, do not make decisions based on appearance alone rather look for those that keep your feet comfortable and snug. Consider the length and width to ensure the sole is such that gives you support even the most difficult terrain. When you have defined your criteria, think of the color and style that suit your need.

When you are shopping, it is better to that in the afternoon so that you can test different brands. Such boots are available in different weights, which include light, medium, and heavy. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. While heavy boots provide support and are durable, they tend to cause a blister, but if you want to embark on longer trails, such boots are the best. Check different pairs. Manufacturers vary from their styles. It is important to check various styles and compare them. Furthermore, quality matters a lot. Consider whether you want manmade or leather materials. There are differences here in terms of support and flexibility. You can always make your choice based on the type of hiking you want to do and personal preferences.

How to choose best women’s hiking boots

Choosing the best boot for your hiking activity is not easy. It is a matchmaking process because different things are involved. Before you begin to make your choice, you have to consider some important issues.

Consider the type of hiking you want to do

First, you have to consider the type of hiking you want to do. As well as the place you want to hike. When you consider these, it will assist you in getting the befitting boot.

Some boots are gender specific. This means that you must focus your search on ladies hiking boots and nothing more. As said above, focus on the type of hiking you want to do. Think of the type of terrain you want to hike. These are three critical factors to guide you in selecting the most appropriate boot.

Consider the material

Another thing to consider is the type of material. The material is very important because it has to do with the construction of such a boot. It is advisable to for those designed with superior quality materials. Apart from protecting your feet, they can last longer.

If you want to engage in day hiking or night hiking, look for those boots designed for such hiking. Consider the type of materials. Some boots are designed with manmade materials, while others are designed with different materials like split grain leather, nylon, as well as suede materials. There are combinations of materials. Consider all these options.

Consider the weight

Weight is another important factor to consider. It is always advisable to go for lightweight boots, because of the obvious advantages. Such boots are easier to wear and they do not have any difficulties in walking or running with them.

Moreover, it is advisable to look for boots with little or no break-in time. It makes for easy and comfortable hiking. In the same way, such shoes must be breathable. At least air should enter to make it comfortable.

Sole and outsole

The boot outsoles are important. If you want to engage in backpacking and mountaineering, opt for carbon outsoles. Such boots will be strong and durable.

Fitness issue is another important factor. Ensure that such boots fit you very well. Check for fitness and crampon compatibility before finalizing your choice. Irrespective of any kind of hiking you do, you cannot be comfortable with boots that do not fit you. Be sure of your size before you go shopping. Some online resources that can help you match your size with that of the boots. This guide will help you make the best choice.

1. Columbia Newton ridge plus

columbia newton ridge plusOne of the best choices on the market is the Columbia Newton ridge plus. It is famous for its solid construction. It is designed with mesh, and mix leather materials. This makes it durable.

The boot is waterproof, secure, and protective. It is comfortable to wear, as it is breathable. Moreover, the midsole is lightweight. This makes it convenient for women hikers. The inside is well cushioned and designed in such a way that it offers enough support. You can wear it throughout the day without feeling it. It is cushioned enough to support you in your hiking expedition.

When you use it, you enjoy super grip, it can hold tight to your feet and you can use it for different kinds of terrain. The outsole is strong. It is non-marking and designed with the best quality rubber materials. It can grip any kind of surface such as roots, gravel, grass, sand, rocks and so on without difficulties.

It has fantastic features, which make it the ideal for female hikers. The upper is composed of waterproof materials. In addition to that, it contains mess upper, leather, and lace hardware in the upper.

The midsole is composed of tech lite lightweight materials. The most outstanding feature of the midsole is the super cushioning, which makes it comfortable with hikers.

The outsole is good for its Omni grip. It can grip any kind of surface without difficulties. Moreover, it is non-marking and that makes for good traction. The size of the boot is 7, ½ pair. It weighs 16.3 oz. It is designed for trail, but it can be used for other purposes as well.


  • The boots are very comfortable to wear irrespective of the place you want to hike
  • It is well designed and attractive
  • The boot is lightweight and this makes it suitable for hiking
  • It offers wonderful arch support
  • It is durable because it is sturdily constructed


  • The laces are short.

2. ahnu sugarpine boot

Ahnu Women's Sugarpine Hiking BootWomen’s Ahnu hiking boot is incredibly lightweight and durable. It remains the best supportive hiking gear for lady hikers. The waterproof boots are designed to facilitate your hiking experience, as you can travel miles without experiencing any pain. This product has wonderful features that make the most popular choice for female hikers.

The upper part is composed of synthetic textile and waterproof leather. These made the boot tough and yet flexible to use. Because of that, you are sure of lasting performance. It features rubber toecaps. This protective feature ensures you are free from any form of abrasion no matter how long you use it.

In addition to that, its waterproof breathable membranes ensure you are protected while at the same making for an excellent breathability. Your feet will remain dry, courtesy of nylon linings.

Furthermore, the midsole is designed with dual density EVA materials. This makes it very light and provides cushioned support. Because of that, you will be comfortable wearing it.

The outsole is composed of Vibram rubber materials. This does not only ensure the products last longer, it makes it highly dependable.

From the features, it is certain that the boot is meant for hiking, and when you wear it, you discover that the height will be above your ankle. The lace up footwear closure ensures that it fits very well. It is waterproof, meaning that you can use it in all weather. The boot weighs about 7.4 oz. If you desire the best, you can opt for this product.


  • The boot is high quality because it is designed from the best material
  • It is available in different colors and this means that you can easily make your choice
  • It is simple in design and very comfortable to wear
  • The boot is lightweight making it easy and comfortable to use
  • It is waterproof you can use it in different terrains without worries


  • Some users complained it is not strong

3. Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge plus Waterproof Amped Hiking BootWhen it comes to women’s waterproof hiking boots, Columbia products are considered the best brand. Over the years, the company has introduced different models and one of the best from them is the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot. It is rated high because of the unique features.

It is designed with the most durable leather material. The waterproof and lightweight upper ensures high breathability and flexibility when you use it.

Most importantly, it is comfortable to wear; this is can be attributed to the techlite-cushioned midsoles. It makes for good cushioning. Apart from making it comfortable for you to wear the boot, you cannot be tired wearing it. It is designed to facilitate your hiking efficiency.

Perhaps, the best thing you can like here is the outsole. It is designed with the most superior materials available in the industry. The Omni grip maximizes the boot traction and you can use it in different terrain with confidence. With this product, you can go an extra mile, because it can grip any surface. You can use it with confidence.

The upper part is designed with mesh and leather materials. In addition to that, it is waterproofed. This ensures your feet are dry.

Moreover, it offers the traditional lacing system, which Columbia products are known for. It does not weigh more than 16.3oz. This is one of the best women’s leather hiking boots, and it has everything you want. It is highly recommended.


  • The boot is incredibly comfortable and it is good for any terrain
  • Solid construction and functional design, it can be used for different conditions
  • The boot offers the best support
  • It can be used for different purposes such as regular and hiking purposes
  • The boot is sturdily constructed and it is very durable


  • It is not be best for heavy-duty trails, as it does not offer the best traction

4. keen targhee II mid women's

KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking BootIf you are looking for the perfect hiking boot, you can always choose keen targhee II mid women’s Hiking Boot. The shoe is waterproofed and this keeps your feet dry all through. It is designed for your hiking comfort and the mid cut height ensures you have a comfortable ankle support.

It has fantastic features such as the cleansport NXT. You can hardly perceive any odor because of this. Furthermore, it features a 4mm many directional lugs. It is designed with a contoured heel lock.

In terms of materials used to produce it, it features waterproofed nubuck leather in the upper part of the shoe. The outsole is great because it is non-marking and it can grip surface very well.

The midsole is composed of dual density molded compression EVA materials. It is lightweight, as it does not weigh more than 14.2 oz. Because of the lightweight, you can easily cruise through puddles without difficulties.

The boot is designed to last for a long time, as it is designed with superior quality nubuck leather. It is highly durable and breathable. You will always feel very comfortable using it. Its secure fit lace system ensures that the boot fits well. The heel wrap and webbing eyelets ensure that it locks very well and this makes for better support.

If you want to have a memorable hiking experience, you can opt for this model. It has everything you want and it is highly recommended.


  • The boot is lightweight
  • It is versatile and this means that you can use it for different terrains and for different purposes
  • The boot remains the best in terms of support as it offers ankle support for its users
  • It is highly durable and sturdily constructed
  • The product is water resistant


  • It is good for narrow foot people only

5. Northside Women’s Pioneer Mid Rise Leather Hiking Boot

Northside Women’s Pioneer Mid Rise Leather Hiking BootFeaturing rugged suede leather on the ankle, Northside Pioneer Mid rise Leather hiking boot is the perfect choice for female hikers.

It is produced from the best quality manmade materials, and designed with synthetic soles. The boot features a breathable mess, as well as a protective rubber to cap. Most importantly, it has a heel stabilizer. As an all weather hiking shoe, it is designed with water resistant materials. Its moisture wick lining is to keep your feet dry all through. Designed with synthetic sole, this boot remains the most durable on the market today. Another important feature is the gusseted tongue; this prevents debris and dirt from getting inside the shoe. The insole is composed of EVA materials. This is not only removable, but washable as well. The model is rated the most comfortable, thanks to the padded synthetic collar. For easy and secure adjustment, the boot is fitted with a fast lace up closure. Wearing the boot is easier, because of the heel pull up strap.

The outsole is designed with the most durable and multi directional rubber materials. This makes for an exceptional traction, as well as shock absorption and wonderful abrasion resistance. It is good to wear in wet and dry conditions.

Moreover, it is waterproofed. You can use the product in any weather without entertaining any fear of possible disappointment.

Throughout your use of the boot, you will enjoy an all round support, because of the padded synthetic collar. You are secure and your feet will easily adjust. This boot is highly rated, no wonder it makes the list.


  • It can fit very well
  • The boot is very comfortable to wear
  • It makes for good traction and grips the ground very well
  • The boot is lightweight
  • It is versatile and can be used in different terrains


  • Some users do not like the design

6. Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking Boot

Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking BootTimberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot has several interesting features. This product surpassed several similar boots out there. The shoes are lightweight and flexible, because of that, it simple to walk in. The upper part of the boot is designed with premium quality full grain. It is composed of waterproofed leather, and this keeps your feet warm and dry.

The tongue around the ankle is well cushioned; this is because it is a combination of polyester fabric and fine leather material. The boot is one hundred percent soft and breathable. Your feet will be completely dry because of airflow. The boot is a combination of speed hook lacing and D ring. Because of this, it is difficult for the lace to loosen or even tear.

The midsole is designed with dual density EVA footbed. It is removable and washable. The company provides additional air circulation. In addition, it features a moisture-wicking textile lining. Your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

After using the boot, you will agree with Timberland that these shoes follow four natural foot motions, which include propelling, flexing, supporting, and braking. The boot is lightweight and very flexible to use. It weighs just 15 oz. This makes it easy to walk in.

Another great feature is the arch and ankle support. Furthermore, it is waterproofed. This means that you can wear it in any weather including wet weather with confidence. You can step in any terrain. The rubber sole grips very well. It does not slip. It has a speed hooking lace. There is no doubt that this is the most popular choice among female hikers.


  • The boot looks great because of the fantastic and appealing design
  • It is designed with the finest quality materials
  • The boot is waterproofed
  • It is very comfortable to wear and durable
  • It does not require break in


  • Some users complain that it can injure them

7. Discovery Expedition Women's Boot

Discovery Expedition Women's BootAnother superior quality product that made the list is the Discovery Expedition Women’s boot. Produced from the good synthetic material, the boot is composed of one hundred percent rubber sole. The boot is very comfortable to wear. It features a comfortable textile lining. It is a high top length boot; this is good as it makes it possible for a full range of motion while at the same time it stabilizes the user’s foot.

Moreover, it features a thermo rubber plastic outsole. This makes the boot durable. It is reliable, as it never disappoints. The embroidered logo on its bottom, as well as the side, set it apart from several other products. You can easily identify it. Due to the high top and textile lining, it is comfortable to use. Its thermo rubber plastic outsole grips in different surfaces.

It is awesome to use it. The boot features a thick heel; you can confidently step on anything without having fear of any injury. Moreover, the color is cute and attractive. The boot is all you want for a memorable hike. It is a perfect combination of cute and comfort.

Everything about this boot is great. One of the most outstanding features is the suede cinnamon shade. They are flexible to wear, and this adds to the comfort. Moreover, it is water resistant. You do not need to worry yourself about water.

The shoes are durable and offer the best in terms of traction. Because of high ventilation feature, it will keep your feet dry. You can use it for different expeditions, such as visiting waterfalls and other fantastic places. It is a great product, and it is highly recommended.


  • The shoes are comfortable to wear
  • It can fit the user very well
  • The boot is durable because of quality materials used to make it
  • It is produced from fine materials and this makes it attractive
  • It is supportable as well


  • Painful heel

8. Nevados Women's Boomerang II Low Hiking Boot

Nevados Women's Boomerang II Hiking BootNevados Women’s Boomerang II Low V4088W Hiking Boot is waterproof and lightweight. Its sturdy construction makes it a perfect choice for heavy-duty trails. It is spacious enough and this is good for your toes. Most importantly, the boot provides enough support for your arch. It is a perfect choice for the rocky hike and other difficult terrains.

The boot has fantastic features. Designed with a synthetic sole, this makes it the ideal for most hikers. It features a reinforced toe bumper this makes it durable. The reinforced toe bumper is good for ankle protection.

Molded in ethylene vinyl midsole, it is designed to mimic your shoot. Furthermore, it features a padded collar and tongue. This is for your protection, and it is helpful when you encounter difficulty terrain.

The outsole is designed with superior quality rubber material, and it features an aggressive lug. This is an important feature as it makes for better traction and stability while hiking.

In terms of comfort, no other hiking shoe that can compare with it. The upper part of the shoe is highly breathable, because of the nylon mesh underlay. For more comfort, it has the padded tongue, as well as the collar. All these are to ensure that you have a better hiking experience with this brand.

Furthermore, the shoes secure well in your feet. This is possible because of the lace-up closure. In addition to that, it features EVA footbed, which is well cushioned. This brand is durable, as it is designed to last for years. This is manufactured with the best quality rubber materials. If you want a boot you can use for several years, then you have to think about this great product.


  • The boot is sturdily constructed
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It is highly affordable and cheaper than several others out there
  • They are designed to last for a long time; this means that it is durable
  • It can fit very well


  • The boot does not fit well as claimed

9. Ahnu Women's Montara Boot

Ahnu Women's Montara BootYou have a lot to enjoy when you hike with Ahnu Montara boots. The brand is breathable, waterproof, and durable. It is sturdily constructed. Produced from waterproofed oiled leather, the upper part of the boot is designed with suede leather materials. This makes it flexible and tough. You are sure of lasting performance when you set out on the trail. Its rubber toecaps ensure you are well protected from abrasion.

The boot is highly breathable. Its breathable membrane ensures you are well protected from harmful elements. The collars are composed of pig leather. This combines with nylon lining wick to enhance your comfort. The nylon lining removes moisture away from your toes.

The midsole is durable and lightweight. It is composed of double density EVA materials. In addition to that, it makes for cushioned support underfoot. It features a thermoplastic urethane. This makes for midfoot stability and provides torsional rigidity as well.

It features Vibram rubber outsoles. This is highly dependable, because it can last for a long time. Most importantly, it provides good traction.

The boot is best for women hikers and the height can reach your ankle. It uses a lace-up closure. The boot is waterproof, it is an all-weather hiking boot. The lining is waterproof and eVent breathable. It has fantastic features and sky is the limit to the level of success you can achieve when you use this superior quality female hiking boot. It offers one hundred percent support, and it does not weigh more than 14 oz. This product is highly rated and it is not surprising that it makes the list. If you are looking for the best, you can opt for this model, it is strongly recommended.


  • The boot is lightweight and this is good for long distance hikers
  • It is very attractive and this is attributed to the stylish design
  • The boot is water resistant; you can use it in different weather conditions
  • It makes for good traction
  • It is durable as it can serve for a long time


  • The lacing system is not the best of adjustability

10. Hi-Tec Women's Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Women's Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking BootHi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot is the last but not the least in our recommendations here. The boots are great as it features a mesh and suede upper. This makes it comfortable, breathable, and durable.

It is designed with dri-tec waterproof materials. It is a superior quality breathable membrane and this ensures your feet remain dry throughout the day. The midsole is designed with EVA material, which is famous for its lightweight. In addition, it is abrasion resistant midsole and it can cushion your feet very well.

Its steel shank ensures you are stable while using the boot in addition to the wonderful support it provides. Moreover, the outsole is designed with superior quality MD rubber sole. This is perfect for enhanced traction. It can grip the surface very well and it is highly durable.

From the name, it is certain that this is a high technical shoe. This is great as you can travel in water rugged terrain without difficulties. Moreover, it does not wet your feet and it ensures that your foot does not dry.

Most importantly, it is finished with EVA rubber cup outsole. For better hiking, it is good for you and you can use it in different hiking terrain. In terms of weight, the boot is lightweight and this in tradition with the company, which is famous for its lightweight sports shoes products. It is specifically designed for your comfort. The boots are durable. When you invest on the product, you can enjoy it for a very long time.

It is short and wide. It is comfortable and sturdily constructed. You can use it for different activities. If you like, you can use it for other outdoor purposes. We are including it as one of the best women’s hiking boots, because we are sure of the quality.


  • Superior quality construction and this makes for its durability
  • The boots are waterproofed and this makes it good for wet weather hiking
  • Moreover, it is roomy enough and this makes it the most comfortable boot
  • It is lightweight
  • No need for any break in before you begin to use it


  • It is not breathable


How much should I spend?

It depends on your budget and the quality of lightweight women’s hiking boots you want to buy. Moreover, it depends on the kind of hiking you want to do, and the place you want to use it. Get the most appropriate boot for the kind of hiking you want to do. Go for the best and the amount depends on what you can afford.

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Does these boots run true to their sizes?

Before you buy, you have to make sure of your size. Moreover, whether it runs true to size actually depends on the makers of the product. Some are made to run large while others are designed to run small. It is advisable to go for the half or full size and not the small sizes. This is because you may use it with socks, which make it thicker.

Is it safe to buy these shoes online?

Yes, most people buy hiking shoes for women online. Once you are able to deal with the challenges, it is cheaper to buy online. Ensure that you select the most reliable dealers online. Moreover, you have to think of the correct size and measure it to ensure that you get the correct size.

Is the boot outsold that important?

Every part of a hiking boot is very important, especially the outsole. This part contacts the ground. It grips the ground. Because of that, you must ensure that you get a superior quality outsole. It should not damage, and it has to be thick and it must hold the ground effectively.

How long does this kind of boot last?

It varies and it depends on the quality you buy. While some can last for many years, some can serve for just few years. Consider the type of materials used to make it.

Final verdict

With this list, you will no longer find it hard to make your choice. These products are durable, comfortable to wear and waterproofed. These remained the best you can buy with money. You will get value for your money, if you buy any of these recommended boots. You can make your choice based on the type of hiking activity you want to do, and the place you want to hike. These boots are carefully selected after considering various products on the market. No matter your needs, as well as your budget, you can get what you want. You no longer need to wear inferior quality boots. These are the best women’s hiking boots.

If you have any questions to ask, you are free to ask, you are welcome. If you have any contributions or comments to make, it is allowed.

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