If you live in an open carry state, buying your first firearm will be a big moment in your life as a rifle enthusiast. There are decisions to make, builds to choose, and accessories that will either add to your experience or flop completely.

So, what’s a new gun owner to do? What are the best purchase options out there? And what do you do when your new gun accessory just isn’t cutting the mustard? There’s a right way to do things, and a wrong way. Join us today as we break down five of the biggest mistakes most gun owners make.

Obsessing Over The Specific Gun

Five Concealed Carry Mistakes to AvoidWhen we spend time practicing our draws and dry firing on the range, we gain this intimate understanding of the ways in which our firearm works. This is obviously important to developing your own personal attachment to the firearm itself, but also in increasing your ability and ensuring your safety. It’s how we learn the mechanical and structural characteristics of our weapons. What makes handle in specific ways, or recoil in other ways.

If you’re practicing properly and consistently enough, you’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of your firearm perfectly. But that can also be a problem, if you allow this love and understanding to influence your buying process. It’s important to get a weapon that works for your daily lifestyle, meaning many large weapons will just not be suitable for concealment purposes.

Stay objective, even if you have preferences. Certain firearms may feel better to use, but not be realistic options to carry as hidden.

Assuming Your First Holster Will Work Perfectly

Almost every gun owner out there has some dusty old box full of holster that, for one reason or another, didn’t cut the mustard. Maybe they didn’t work as advertised. Maybe the buyer didn’t understand how it was supposed to work. Sometimes, these items look good in a catalog, but they just aren’t the same in person. And, of course, in some cases, they just don’t work the way you want them to.

The minimum criterion for your holster is that it protects the trigger from external objects which might pull it. A suitable sheath will also prevent your gun from falling which seems obvious, but there are dozens of ways to accomplish this, some of which are much better than others.

But don’t sweat it. Your first holster probably isn’t going to be the one you end up with. You’ll probably go through more than a few of them.

Forgetting You’re Carry A Gun

This might seem obvious, especially at first, but a weapon is a lifelong thing, and many people seem to forget this pretty early on. While criminal activities in public places tend to be pretty infrequent, it does happen, and it’s important to be aware. Stay focused on your surroundings, the people around, and where your weapon is. The whole point of a concealed carry firearm is self defense, so make sure there’s as little as possible between you and yours in the moment.

Talking To Everyone About It

Five Concealed Carry Mistakes to AvoidOn the opposite side to forgetting you’re carrying a weapon is being unable to stop talking about it to anybody who’ll listen. Many people enjoy feeling powerful with a firearm in a concealed carry state. They’ll tell people about it at length, from their neighbors to their co-workers to people they barely even know. This can be extremely dangerous.

Theft or loss of your weapon is a pretty common outcome of bragging or running your mouth as a gun owner. If not those, then you certainly won’t have the element of surprise in a firefight or emergency situation because, well, you’ll have told everybody.

Only Wearing Your Holster When It’s Convenient

When it comes to the gun debate, it can be easy to become complacent once you achieve your goals. For far too many people, visiting or becoming part of a concealed carry state feels like “winning” and they start wearing their guns less often as a result. They’ll leave the firearm in the car while they go shopping. They’ll forget to bring it to a concert or major sporting event.

Always remember: a weapon can only protect you if you actually have it on you! Always find a way to bring your weapon with you where legally possible, preferably hidden. Otherwise, what’s all of this hard work been for?

Which brings today’s topic back full circle. Effective concealed carry policies are a strong deterrent to criminals and unexpected crimes. They help to protect our loved ones and keep us safe in public spaces It takes a little effort, every day, but it’s worth it, which is why we put so much effort into protecting our rights.


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