Hunting is a professional sport, and here is no arguing with that. Even an expert marksman would not go to the field without his hunting gear. Aside from having a good rifle, hunting will require you to have a sturdy and flexible hunting boots. When it comes to this piece of hunting gear, you can have a lot of choices. However, one of the best is definitely the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots. If this product interests you, then reading our Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots review will certainly help you to decide!

Hunting is not the same as camping. It will compel you to go to terrains that will test the gears of your body. You will require yourself to traverse hard terrains, rocky steeps, and slippery paths just to reach your hunting ground. Sometimes, you have to submerge yourself to swamps, rivers, and puddles. All of these areas will leave your body worn out if you are not wearing the right footwear. This is where the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots come to your rescue. Apparently, Danner Pronghorn possesses all the qualities that you are looking for a pair of best hunting boots.

Things to Consider Before Buying Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots

Danner Pronghorn Snake BootsIf you are an avid hunter, always put hunting boots in your priorities. These gears can help you reach great distances without feeling any sores and aches. Moreover, they can make your movements more agile and stable–which are all necessary for hunting. If you are carrying heavy loads, this footwear can efficiently distribute the weight to your body.

One of our recommended hunting footwear, the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots has all these qualities. This pair of hunting boots is ideal for hunters who prefer knee-high boots, rather than the short ankle type. Specifically, these boots are suitable for long-distance walks and traversing rivers and bodies of water.

In buying this Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots, consider first if your hunt will not involve in climbs. Apparently, all knee-high boots are not ideal for hiking and climbing. Also, make sure that you know the weather in your terrain.

This pair of hunting boots has a built-in insulation. Thus, it is a preferable choice for winter hunts and cold weather adventures. However, wearing them in a humid and dry weather might make your feet feel hot.

Of course, you should buy this product if you are moving into an area with a lot of snakes. The construction of the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots quickly deflects sharp snake bites. Moreover, its knee-high design gives sufficient snake-proof protection.

Features and Benefits

The Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots is an insulated waterproof hunting boots. It is an updated version of the previous Pronghorn. Their main difference is that it now has a snake bite protection. Moreover, it now uses the TERRA FORCE technology which improves its performance and lightness.

If you are an active hunter, and you are looking for a lightweight, insulated hunting boots then choose the Danner Pronghorn. It does not restrict your movement, especially while you are running or making an awkward position. Moreover, it does not wear out quickly even with extended use.

When placed side by side with other hunting boots, such as the Irish Setter Elk Tracker and MuckBoots Trailblazer, the Danner Pronghorn can’t be left behind. After all, this pair of hunting boots has a conventional construction and helpful features that are perfect for the sports of hunting.

360 Degrees Snake Bite Protection

In the United States, the chances of dying from a bite of a venomous snake are almost zero. This is because they have a myriad of anti-venoms and medical care for such accidents. However, what if you are far in the wild and got bitten by a snake? Will you be able to reach the hospital before the venom thickens your blood? In the end, prevention is still better than cure. If you wear Danner Insulated Hunting Boots, these fatal accidents will not happen. The durable full-grain leather and 900 denier nylon will ensure that no snake bites will penetrate this hunting boots.
Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots

Waterproof, Lightweight, and Breathable

The full-grain leather of this lightweight insulated hunting boots is waterproof. Moreover, it has Gore-Tex liner that performs sufficient waterproofing so that traversing any wet terrains won’t be a problem. If you wear it correctly, even raindrops won’t be able to penetrate it. The Gore-Tex is also responsible for making your feet dry while inside this footwear.

Moreover, the TERRA FORCE technology that the Danner Pronghorn possess makes it lightweight and very breathable. Although these boots are stiff and sturdy, expect that won’t restrict your movements. Even though this is not a side-zip rubber hunting boots, you can still move fast and flexible with them.

Useful Features in Hunting

The Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boots uses a three-layer density, open-cell polyurethane Ortholite on its footbed. This feature provides optimal cushioning to your foot so that it won’t feel any aches while inside the boot. Aside from that, its outsole has deep crevices and lug patterns for improved traction, especially on slippery surfaces.

This pair of hunting boots also uses the speed lace fastening system to ensure a snugly and comfortable fit. Moreover, it has a TPU-shank with a semi-locking side-zip for fast fitting.

Overall, the Danner Pronghorn can be your ideal choice for hunting boots. It is sturdy, durable, and possesses different features that are useful for hunting. Although you can feel some discomforts, especially on dry conditions, this footwear will still ensure you a pleasurable hunting experience.


  • All of its parts are snake-proof
  • Overall construction is waterproof, thanks to its Denier Nylon Upper
  • Gore-Tex lining is breathable and waterproof also
  • The footbed is soft and provides adequate support (Open-cell PU Ortholite )
  • Have the Danner’s trademark rubber compound outsole


  • Can be stiff and uncomfortable, especially in dry conditions

Social Proof

In general, the Danner Pronghorn are one of the leading brands of hunting boots. You can see that on different online retail sites, this footwear has been receiving positive feedbacks from its users. Furthermore, some individuals claim that this is the best hunting boot that they have tried. We have not seen any prominent hunters that wore these boots. However, we are confident that anyone would love the quality of these boots.


If you want other options aside from Danner Pronghorn, then here are they:

Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots irish-setter-860-elk-tracker

1. Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker

One of the leading brands of hunting boots is Irish Setter. This particular product of theirs offers superb waterproof Gore-Tex lining and full leather construction. We are not certain if these boots are snake-bite proof. However, we recommend that you should give it a try. Check on Amazon


Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots lowa-tibet-gtx

2. Lowa Tibet GTX

If you are looking for a sturdy pair of hunting boots (aside from Danner Pronghorn), then you should pick Lowa Tibet GTX. It is made from nubuck (a top-of-the-line cattle leather), which its durability and sturdiness. Moreover, it also uses the Merrell Air Cushioning to improve user’s comfort even in extend usage. Check on Amazon


Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots muckboots-adult-fieldblazer

3. MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer

MuckBoot is almost similar to Danner Pronghorn–in its design and features. However, one of the most notable features of this footwear it is made from rubber. Check on Amazon


How well is its snake-bite protection?

Its protection against snake bites are absolute. Even those that have sharp fangs can’t penetrate it.

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Can the zipper last long?

Yes. But as a recommendation, always apply some lubes and zipper wax on it.

Can I wear these boots outside my pants?

Yes. It is just a matter of preference.

How good are these boots on snow?

When it comes to waterproofing, these boots have no problem. However, you should not worry about snows either. These boots have a thick construction that can maintain a humid temperature inside.

Are they true to size?

Yes. Danner is pretty accurate when it comes to sizing.

Overall, we find the Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots an ideal footwear for hunting. They can perform excellently even in challenging terrains and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, we really like the quality of construction and the materials used on this footwear. Even though it is compact and rugged, it is lightweight and flexible. Furthermore, its snake-bite proofing makes it a safe and adaptive hunting gear!

If you want to learn more about this product, click here!

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