As a beginner hunter you may think elk hunting can’t be very difficult cause all these animals are massive and can’t be likely to miss but finding an elk and shoot successfully can be more cumbersome than your thinking. Shooting is connected with having a good aim and having a good rifle but very hard to find an elk. Learning Elk hunting tips for beginners can be a little inevitable and overwhelming if you are first time hunter. We emphasize that there’s no magic formula for shooting an elk.

As a beginner elk hunter you have made plenty of mistakes but try to keep calm and don’t worry, you need some great first-time elk hunting tips. Now we are going to help you with elk hunting tips so that you can be effectual in your first elk hunting which a beginner will ever need.

Get some decent boots

You have needs to collect bows, rifles, camouflage, scents and calling equipment before start your hunting. But do you know which one is most important for hunting elks? Decent boots, most importantly you must need it. As equipment, decent boots are urgent for elks hunting which should be appropriate.
You need to go a lot of miles through jungle and small ditch when you want to hunt big, elusive and antlered beast and for this, you need a pair of perfect footwear so that you feel comfortable.

Find their food

Elk hunting tips for beginnersShooting an elk may not be the difficult part of hunting but finding an elk may really be very hard. Although fields may not offer the best hunting circumstances yet you may have the opportunity to find an elk. Alfalfa and barley are favorites for elk so, if you saw a patch of alfalfa it’s a good luck for you. Wait for downwind from their food sources and try your best to hide your smell and presence. If they understood your presence elk will never go to eat. In mountainous terrain, food sources may help you better to find an elk than lower elevations adjacent.

Keep away from the roads

If you want to hunt down an elk then you must go away a minimum 3 hundred yards from the road. We know road camping in trucks are more comfortable and much easier while your backpack is bigger and quieter backcountry but you should try to avoid it cause when you sit in your truck and wait for an elk walking through near your truck, it’s never happened. It occurs maybe 1 time out of a million. So, don’t waste your time sitting in your truck.

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Always scout

For elk hunting, there are no alternatives for scouting. Scouting is one of the best elk hunting tips for beginners. Firstly you need to mark your hunting area that looks like to hold elk everywhere in the fall and then commit to accomplishing bower idiosyncrasies of that area. In the late season of elk hunting, you may start to make a structure of a mental map of the terrain. Even you have wanted to hunt in the same area multiple times you need to revisit that place again because nature can changes quickly in terrain, so keep it in your mind.

Practice long distance shooting

Every elk is not going to perambulation into your rifle range from fifty gauzes away. If it happens to you, actually you would have been an exceptionally lucky guy! When you get a spotting chance to elk hunting season it can make all differences in your world. For early or late season practice hunting more and more to shoot many different distances as much as possible. It will be increasing your confidence level.

Obey the wind

Many experienced hunters tell that at many times of elk hunting season they were successful hunters because they started to take advantages of wind but they failed sometimes when the wind was not cooperating with them because at that time they didn’t know how to use wind flow. Wind direction can be one of the best elk hunting tips for beginners and it should be the major concern during elk hunting.

Be patient

Another great tactic of elk hunting tips for beginners is patience. It’s an important part of elk hunting tips and as a hunter, you should always remain patient. All of the elk hunting secrets which we discuss above are some great ways to find elks but patience will help you to be the best hunter. Elk can be slow, cumbersome and big creatures that may follow more than one footstep. You may need to spend several days waiting in the same place before you get your prize- an elk.

Scent and sight

The great hearing, better eyesight, and better noses are some best important features of the elk. Always try to put on a proper disguise and stick to the bushes. Also, try to hide your scent and smell as much as possible. You should not use any perfumes or deodorant and if it possible smear little dirt, moss or mud in your body to get the natural smell. Keep in mind it’s important to stay quiet and try to limit your movement cause excessive sound will bring inescapable menace that the elk is away from you.

Your elevation

If you settle upon to hunt during late or early hunting season, you will need to stay at superior elevations because that’s where the elk like. However, elk come to lower ground after rutting season cause the snow of higher elevations impels them towards downhill. Elk will be hungry after rutting season and they try searching food to eat. The food which elk like will be growing at downhill. To confirm your success at first make sure that you choose right elevation for the individual time of the year.

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If you follow all elk hunting tips for beginners you shouldn’t have faced any problems to find an elk. These elk hunting guides will be better for everyone. If you have any elk hunting tactics you can share with us. Prepare your mind for travel habits. Best wishes for your elk hunting.

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