Are you a hunter? Do you want to go for hunting? Then it won’t really be so easy or so tough to become a better hunter. To turn out to be a better hunter, at first you need some effective guidelines. And we are here to give you those guidelines or right instructions so that you could prepare yourself on that way. If you know all the tricks of better hunting, hunting will be enjoyable to you just like a game. So let’s know how to hunt or how to start hunting, and all the secrets of the better hunters.

What is hunting?

Hunting is not just a word. To be a hunter, there’s a lot of thing to learn. And this learning process never ends. As Hunting is a unique and an exceptional skill, it can be a challenge to learn at your own style. In the process of learning how to be a better hunter, you can be a successful hunter through patience, practice and intense desire to learn.
Hunting is a hobby that needs real-world experience and cannot have alternative. This real world or practical experience is more effective than online or bookish knowledge. And it is more rational to think of only doing or enjoying hunting than of trying to be a master of it.

Main components of successful hunting

Skill: Skill is an important requirement for hunting. Having acquired a high skill with other requirements of hunting being fulfilled, you can be developed as a best hunter. And to make it happen, you need to go through some skill development procedures which must include your consistent practice with your hunting weapons.

Luck: As you want to be a hunter, you are sure that you need plenty of this. Everyone knows what is luck and how it works but they don’t know how to use it or how to get more of it. Luck is putting you in the right place on right time. There is nothing to do without good luck. The only thing is we can try our best so that luck falls upon us.

Knowledge and experience: If you are determined that you want to be a better hunter then you should procure knowledge, from various source, of how to be a better hunter. As a hunter, hunting knowledge is crucial for you. You can gain this knowledge in two ways:
1. Study about reasons of other people’s failures, which you may know from books to podcasts or hunting videos.
2. Gain real-life experience. It’s impossible to learn all the details of hunting through hearing from anyone or even through watching videos, as the ambience or circumstances that prevails while hunting is only a matter of observing, feeling and behaving consciously and intuitively being present there physically.

From your failures while experiencing hunting, you will be able to identify your mistakes and come to know what is the right way. Next time you won’t repeat same mistakes. So, knowledge through study and experience is mandatory.
Patience: Patience is a very necessary quality that a best hunter should have in him. You should be patient when your prey comes close to you, and even when you miss your prey(s). And Don’t hurry to shoot ; wait for the right moment.

Weapons: It will be better for you if you have minimum knowledge about weapons. If you want to know properly about how to be a better hunter, you could study about weapons- what weapons will be easy to use but still very effective. You should know what types of weapons are perfect for which animals. Such as, a rifle or gun – which is better for deer hunting?

Best hunting tips

Go slow: While hunting, still now most of us don’t move or step slowly enough. Wait for the perfect time and the right moment. And when you wait for the right time you should remain calm and quiet. If you make unnecessary noise this time, your prey will be frightened and run away from your hunting place, making your total preparation go in vein. So when hunting try your best to keep yourself quiet.
Quick stepping for deer: If you go for deer hunting, quick stepping could be effective. When some deer come to your limited area, try your best to make some quick light steps in a very short time. Keep your footfalls tripping until going close to preys.

Drive slow & design a better drive: If you want to hunt alone, fix a companion of you to drive and make him aware of your hunting. When you pass some deer tell him to drive slowly and you can see some confused deer which could be your prey sometimes later. And adjust your driving suitable for hunt.

Start small: If you are a beginner you can start with small hunting like a game and it will be the better way to learn hunting. It offers more opportunities for hunt and creates a great chance for success. Through small hunting, you will be able to hunt larger animals in near future. Thus it will give you opportunities to be a better hunter.

Learn about the area: If it’s possible go into the woods before hunting seasons, and carefully look around. Get a clear concept about your hunting areas. It will be very helpful at your hunting time. Please ensure to check state regulations and make sure that you are allowed to go there for hunting. Also learn about any species or animals prohibited for hunting in that area. Because while hunting, if you can’t identify any species or animals as abundantly available, you shouldn’t or mustn’t hunt them.

Use the wind: The best hunters know the importance of close attention to wind direction. But most of the hunters ignore the wind direction. You should take your position opposite to wind flow so that your hunt can’t get your smell. Your smell can make them aware of your presences.
Hunt a small area: Choose a small area for hunting. Small area increases your possibility to hunt. Try to get brief ideas about your selected areas. Make a note about your prey.

Don’t give up: Most of the people give up their hope when they failed several times. But, we should remember that cliché again- “Failure is the pillar of success.” Don’t be disappointed. At initial stage, you may be unsuccessful. But who knows? May be your success is knocking at your door and you are going to open the door at any time.

Keep first aid box: You may fall in danger at any time for your unawareness. So it will be your prudence to keep a first aid box with you. Before going for hunt, inform your family of your destination, tour duration and other details.

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Get out of your home, enjoy yourself and enjoy your time. And to spend your free time hunting will undoubtedly be one of the best and most thrilling way. As you know by now all the tricks of how to be a better hunter, you can start your journey as a hunter from now. It will provide you a better understanding and outstanding experience of wild life and environment. The moment of and moments before hunting will give you a feeling of meditation. Best wishes for you. Enjoy yourself!!!!

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