Having the right gear is necessary for success in turkey hunting.

The last thing that you want to experience is to go hunting in uncomfortable boots. Knowing that you will be spending a lot of time while hunting, you should consider the right factors before choosing a pair of boots.

This post offers you details on the right factors to consider before buying that turkey hunting boots, which include:


I – Fitting

How to Buy the Best Turkey Hunting BootsYou will likely spend lots of time in your boots, so they must be as comfortable as possible. While buying boots that fit exactly, you may want to consider that your feet get a little bigger during the day.

So how do you find the perfect fitting boots for your hunting?

When testing for those boots, find a pair that lets you stand on your feet comfortably without distress or discomfort. They also must help with maintaining your energy as you walk. This will make it possible for you to walk long distances without worrying about blisters or discomfort.

Your feet can swell up to a full size during the day. To avoid swellings from your new boots, you should consider buying boots that are a little “bigger” than your normal size.

Let’s say you use size 8 for your boots; you could choose boots of size 8 1/2 when shopping for new boots.

Also, the best time to go shopping for new boots would be much later in the afternoons. This is when your feet would have stretched to its largest size.

It’s advisable to test your new hunting boots at the shop with your socks on. This should give you a real feel of what to expect from your boots. If you’re shopping for socks too, then a moisture-wicking pair of appropriate length would be suitable.


II – Protection and Boot Management

Good quality boots act as protection against harsh environments and, most important, snake bikes. You want to get boots that are strong enough to protect you from snake fangs.

A very good example is the Irish Setter 17-inch VapriTrek boot that comes equipped against snake bite. The tall boots will protect you against ticks and abrasions from sticks, rocks, and barbed wire.

Also, buying a pair of hunting boots is an investment. You will be using those hunting boots for quite some time, so you’ve got to settle for boots of good quality materials.


III – Hunting Season

There are different seasons to hunt turkey, and boots best suited for those seasons. You should already know which seasons you would prefer to go hunting. This will largely determine the boots that you choose to buy.

If your hunting isn’t restricted to one season, by no means shop for as many seasons as you want.

For warmer weather, a lightweight flexible boot that allows the inflow of air is just what you need. However, colder seasons would require the use of heavier insulated boots.


IV – Managing Moisture

Your boots should be able to handle moisture properly, whether in hot or dry conditions.

To stay warm, you should consider an insulated pair of boots. The insulation level should be based on the temperature range of the place you’re hunting and your inner thermostat. Different hunters react differently to different conditions while walking, standing, or sitting.

By now, you should already know how your body reacts to such conditions.

Layering your socks with a thin silk pair, polyester wool, and thicker wool added to the top can give you the needed warmth if you’re wearing non-insulated boots.


V – Moving Around Your Terrain

Your boots must be the right fit for your terrain because you will need them for ease of navigation.

Whether you’re trekking over an extended plain, crossing creeks, or trampling through the woods, your boots should be suited for all that.

You should also consider the type of soles you are buying because they are critical to your movements around your hunting terrain.

Soles should provide balancing, flexibility over uneven terrains, shock absorption, and stability.



Hunting boots are important investments that hunters have to make from time to time. To enjoy a good hunting experience each time, you have to consider some important factors before shopping for boots.

These factors include fitting the boots, protection and boot management, the hunting season, and managing moisture and moving around your terrain.

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