Fishing with a baitcasting reel is fun, it does better fishing job than other types of reel. That is why a lot of people choose baitcasting reel to go for fishing. However, casting with the baitcaster is not a cup of tea. You need to follow a certain instruction to cast the baitcaster accurately.

Do you know how to cast a baitcaster accurately?

Of course, not. And that is the reason you are reading this article. The good news is that you are in the right place because I am going to tell you in the easiest way how you can cast the baitcaster more precisely.


Make sure you have the right baitcaster combo

The first thing you need to do for a successful baitcaster casting is the baitcaster combo. Without a good combo, it is impossible to cast accurately. And since you are a complete beginner, you have to choose the right combo. Choose a rod between 6’.6’’ to 6’10’’ for your casting when you are going to start casting. This is a good size for newbies. Also, pick 15-18 pound mono-filament fishing line as it will help you avoid backlashes at first.

Do basic practice

After selecting the first casting reel and rod, take it to your backyard or a fresh pull for practice. If you directly go for fishing without practice, trust me, you will end up with frustration and you may lose your interest in fishing as well. So practice at first. You should focus on the reel at first and how it works. When you will understand the mechanism, it will help you cast easily. Do not focus on the accuracy at first, you will get it after a couple of practice days.

Choose a right place

After doing some basic practice, you are now ready for casting in the right place. But you need to choose the right place for casting. If you choose a place full of the bush or a small place, you cannot cast properly as you are not an expert in this field. Choose a place with minimum bush and if possible, choose a large place where only you are available. The reason is that if there are a lot of bushes, your lure might get stuck with the bush when you bring your casting rod forward for casting. Also, an isolation place will ensure safety because you may hit them anyway.

Cast the baitcaster

Now it is time to cast the baitcaster with accuracy. You need to hold the casting rod out horizontally to the ground and then depress your thumb bar to ensure that your lure falls to the ground smoothly and slowly. This small test is done to measure your spool tension right before you cast. Now to be prepared for your cast, bring the casting rod back over the shoulder. When bringing the rod back over your shoulder, make sure no one is around you or nothing is around you. You already know why.

Keep depressing your thumb bar during maintaining the line’s pressure on the line spool with the thumb. You need to know one thing here that when you depress your thumb bar, the line will release.  Aim for the target as you have done practicing before. You see, where the practice comes to work.

Now you need to apply firm pressure on your spool with the thumb when starting the cast. It will help you to prevent the spool from over-winding. This is very important and you need to pay additional attention to this part since a silly mistake can cause backlashes. Then you need to gradually back off on the pressure to make sure that you feather the line out when remaindering of the cast.

You are almost done. Just one step away from fishing.

It is time to reel once or twice in order to engage the anti-reverse.



Now you know how to cast a baitcaster accurately. It is not tough, you see. However, you need to do more practice to cast accurately. The more you practice, the better accuracy you will have. Also, make sure you take all the safety measures before casting. Safety always comes first. If you follow the step by step instruction that I have mentioned above, you can easily cast with accuracy. So enjoy your fishing with accurate casting.


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