What is the best time to go fishing? People have varying options when it comes to the right time for fishing, but if you ask a professional fisherman, he will tell you at night is a perfect time. However, you will need the aid of underwater fishing lights to attract the fish for easy catching.

What are the underwater fishing lights?

First off, fish are naturally attracted to any light. If you submerge any colored light under the water, the fish will automatically swim towards the light. Therefore, the underwater dock lights are used by fishermen to attract the fish to the dock for smooth and fast catching.


Why use the underwater lights to catch fish?

1. Impress visibility

With the underwater lights on your fishing vessel, you will not have to strain seeing where you are moving or the waters. It is not easy to have a clear view at night, and thus, the lights ensure you enjoy fishing even at night without much darkness. Considering the waters are clear, your underwater lights color illuminates nicely to the waters to give a transparent and fair reflection that boosts your visibility at night.

2. Easy to control

Since these lights are fitted to illuminate under the water, they come with remote for convenient control. This means that you will not at any point touch or come into contact with wetness when altering any changes on the lights.

3. They act as bait

Did you know that some colors naturally attract fish? Well, fish are attracted to some colors such as blue and green. If you use lights that illuminate these colors, rest assured you will have high chances of attracting more fish. Besides, these colors are quite common in other waters, which are a plus.


How to choose the best underwater fishing lights

Although the underwater lights are great additional bait for fishers, you need to be cautious when shopping to ensure you buy the right lights. Here are factors to consider when choosing the lights,

1. The brightness level

How do you gauge the brightness level of the underwater lights? Since the dealer will not allow you to test the lights before buying, the most recommendable method of testing the underwater lights’ brightness is the number of lumens it has. The lumens available on any light you purchase determine how effective in terms of brightness it will be.

So, when buying your dock lights, check out the number of lumens it has on the manufacturing seal. A good and reliable light(s) should have lumens of not less than 1000. Such lights will give you excellent illumination that will spread further in the waters to attract fish. If you search online for good one, I suggest you underwater dock light by total aquaglow.

2. The materials

The other essential factor worth checking out is the material crafting used on the lights. As you will be submerging the lights under the water, you need to choose lights to withstand the water without getting damaged or causing electric shocks. The majority of the underwater fishing lights are covered with a waterproof casing material that secures the interior parts from coming into contact with wetness while under the water.

Still, make sure the materials of the lights can withstand different water textures. You may need to use the lights when fishing at salty or even freshwaters. Wherever you wish to use the lights, they should be practical and serve the purpose. Thus, the construction of the materials is a crucial factor when buying them.

3. The color

Although colors attract fish naturally, some colors are quite useful and loved by fish. As mentioned earlier, green and blue are the best colors of lights to consider when buying since they attract more fish faster than any other color. First off, green and blue are common in the marine world since there are green plants under the waters and some waters are blue. So, any light made of either of the two colors will not confuse the fish since they look natural in the seas.

4. The weight and size

The lights/ light you use for fishing at night should make your work easy and not hard. Meaning, since the lights are fitted under the boat, they should not add any bulkiness to the ship or distract you when viewing or moving your vessel. To avoid all these problems, choose a compact and lightweight fishing lights.

Lightweight and compact underwater fishing lights are comfortable to carry, and to fit on the boats is bliss. The most useful features of the underwater fishing lights are the brightness and the color and not how heavy they are. So, you can still find reliable fishing lights with all these features at small and lightweight design.

5. The type

The underwater fishing light bulbs are designed in different styles, but the best and most convenient bulb is the LED. The LED lights are exceptionally durable and, in most cases, are affordable. The majority of the LED lights come with multiple colors if you wish to use another color illumination when fishing.

6. The control mode

This is another essential thing worth checking out when choosing the underwater lights. You may need to alter the light or switch it when you lower the boat in the waters. Therefore, a good light should have a remote for significant change and making any settings. You need lights that are easy to control without interfering with your fishing activities. So, choose lights that have a remote control.

7. The battery life

For how long do you go fishing? This is a crucial factor to consider since you need to get lights that will last longer for convenience when fishing at night. A good light should burn for at least 100 hours when used nonstop, although there are models that burn up to 50,000 hours.

8. The price

The underwater fishing lights are sold at varying prices, depending on the brand, the color of lights, and the quality. However, there are still profitable brands and models that retail at affordable rates and even get the job done efficiently. Just make sure the LED light that you choose meets all the above-listed factors.


Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to starting night fishing, you need to consider getting underwater fishing lights. These are the top factors to consider when buying underwater lights to ensure the lights’ efficiency and durability. Choose lights from a good brand and ensure you get a warranty for quality assurance.


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