Hunters can’t take on the wild without a good pair of hunting boots. When it comes to hunting footwear, there can be a plethora of choices. However, this time, we will feature first the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860.

This hunting footwear has a superb construction that enables anyone to traverse any hunting terrain. Whether it is on a rocky mountain or a steep ridge, these hunting boots can withstand the elements.

Moreover, this footwear is one of the best hunting boots for elk hunting. Its overall construction is ideal for stalking in parklands and meadows (the natural habitat for elk). Know more about this great hunting boots by reading our Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 review.

Things To Consider Before Buying Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860

Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860If you are into elk hunting, you need specialized hunting boots for men that can tackle the creature’s environment. These animals usually dwell on high mountains and ridges. When it is mating season, the gang will move to savannas, meadows or any place where sound can travel great distances. This is a requirement so that a male elk can attract a female elk through bulging.

These terrains are not easy to conquer. There are a lot of ground elements that a hunter should surpass such as edgy rocks and sharp branches of trees. Moreover, the weather condition is also a consideration. It could get hot or frigid on these environments. Therefore, you need a pair of insulated, waterproof hunting boots to adapt to these situations.

Choose the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 1000 gram boots if you are always dealing with these type of conditions. After all, elk hunting boots are a special kind of outdoor footwear. They are all-season hunting boots for men, which means that they can take any terrain of your choice.

Features and Benefits

The Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 hunting boots are one of the best elk hunting boots. We all know that these creatures are usually dwelling on some of the toughest environment in the world. Therefore, this footwear was made specifically to match up these challenges.

Moreover, this pair of hunting boot can guarantee elk hunters that it can survive the harsh elements of the outdoors. It has the durability and sturdiness that you expect from a premier hunting footwear.

One should know the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 is better than insulated rubber boots. When it comes to elk hunting, there is a small chance that you will encounter wet areas. Usually, the habitat of these animals is dry. Hence, there is no need for you to wear a footwear made out of rubber.

This footwear is as good as LaCrosse Men Alphaburly Pro and MuckBoots Adult Fieldblazer.

No Odor

Extended hunting time can cause your feet to smell bad. Moreover, constant running and stalking your target makes your skin produce sweat that causes odor. Good thing, the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 uses the exclusive ScentBan technology. It is a scent control mechanism that they add on the linings of the boot’s footbed to kill odor-causing bacteria.

Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860

Superior Construction

When hunting, anyone would love to give out their best without minding anything. You need a pair of hunting boots that can keep up with your endeavor. For that, you would love the performance of Elk Tracker. Its upper is made from full grain, waterproof leather. This material ensures that the entire boots are sturdy and durable.

The traction of these hunting boots is excellent too. With the presence of the Bulls-Eye Air Bob Aggressive technology on its outsole, expect that slipping is the last thing you will ever encounter.

Even if you take high-impact movements, you can guarantee that the Elk Tracker will remain in one piece. This is due to its Goodyear leather welt and steel shank.

Aside from keeping this footwear durable, these features also efficiently disperse the weight taken by the feet.

Foolproof Insulation

When you are into winter hunts, you can trust that these boots will keep your feet warm. Thanks to its 3M Thinsulate insulation, your feet will always stay warm and dry. This technology is the leading choice of insulation for winter boots. Hence, this makes this footwear one of the best-insulated boots for men. It doesn’t matter if the outside condition is moist and damp. The Elk Tracker can guarantee that your feet are cozy and comfortable.

Maximum Leg Protection

The Elk Tracker has a height of 12 inches. Aside from your feet, this pair of hunting boots can efficiently cover your lower legs. If you wear it with a pair of sturdy hunting pants, this footwear can deflect any sharp and hard objects. Since it has a rigid leather construction, it can even protect your feet from snake bites! We all know how harsh the hunting environment could get. You should wear hunting boots like the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 to ensure that your feet are 100% all the time!


Hunting, by all means, is an extreme sport. It requires a lot of effort and control to your locomotion. When you want to hunt, you should be ready to traverse lengthy miles and unfriendly terrains. Doing these could put your feet to a lot of stress.

Luckily, the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 hunting boots have a comfortable construction. It has a footbed made from removable cork EVA. It also has a memory foam to support to stability to your feet. Moreover, it has a heel-molded counter so that it could prevent you from over-pronating your feet.

Moreover, its insides have soft cushions so that your feet won’t feet agitated during long usage.


  • Use a supreme type of insulation to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Gore-Tex membrane efficiently blocks moisture from getting inside
  • Have a ScentBan technology that kills off odor-causing bacteria
  • Full grain, waterproof boots
  • Comfortable footbed (Removable Comfort Cork EVA)
  • Have a steel shank and Bulls-Eye Air Bob Aggressive Outsol


  • Some users feel that its ankle support is inadequate

Social Proof

The Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 has been one of the top choices of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. You can verify it by visiting several online retailers. You can observe that this specific pair of hunting boots has a lot of positive feedback.


There are some other options that you can consider, aside from the Irish Setter Elk Tracker. Here are some of them:

Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 muckboots-adult-fieldblazer

1. MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer

The Fieldblazer is one of the opuses of MuckBoots. It has an excellent waterproofing, which is ideal for wetlands. This pair of hunting boots can also regulate its inside temperature. Check on Amazon


Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 lacrosse-alphaburly-pro18

2. LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18

The Alphaburly is an exceptionally durable pair of hunting footwear. It has a height that extends up to 16 inches so that your entire lower legs are also protected too. Check on Amazon


Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 bogs-classic-high-new-break-up

3. Bogs Classic High New Break Up

Unlike the Elk Tracker, this hunting boot uses sturdy rubber on its upper. One of the unique traits of New Break Up is that it is scent-free. This is a very useful feature so that you can move without giving off your presence to your target. Check on Amazon


Are these made from the US?

No. In China, but they are surprisingly good.

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Will these boots break during extended use?

No. Several hunters already tried these boots on a 12-hour hunt. It did well. It has a sturdy and durable construction, so breaking is not an option.

Do these boots have a steel toe?

No. It is a composite footwear.

How do I wash these boots?

Just use warm water and mild detergent. Rinse the surface gently.

How do I take care of these boots?

There are ways to maintain these boots. One basic approach is to apply a snow shield on it regularly.

With all of its features, the Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 is the ideal hunting boots that you are looking for. It is durable, lightweight, and rigid. It can withstand severe conditions without showing any signs of problems. Moreover, it has an excellent insulation and other protective features to make your feet comfortable.

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