Are you looking for the best and most reliable hunting boots to wear? Rev up your hunting game with this Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots! These hunting boots have remarkable footwear features, making them lightweight and highly functional to use in your outdoor hunting activity.

The Irish Setter 2870 Boots are made lightweight with its engineered composite sole material. These ankle-high hunting boots also feature a scent ban control functionality to make your feet odor- and bacteria-free, regardless of the hunt and trek time and distance.

The boots are also structured with a genuine waterproofing system, protecting your feet from harsh external elements and moisture. This highlighted feature allows you to traverse through creeks, marshes, swamps and shallow waters without your feet getting wet and clammy.

Now with this Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots Review, you will understand all the benefits of owning a pair and why other hunters swear by it. Keep on reading…

Things to Consider Before Buying Irish setter vaprtrek 2870

Irish setter vaprtrek 2870To be successful in hunting, your main focus should be how speedy you can run when out on a chase. Wearing the wrong hunting boots may cause terrible pain and discomfort. Therefore, to avoid experiencing such, choose the best hunting boots that best suits you, your needs and your hunting activity.

The Irish Setter boot has a lightweight feel and offers an athletic movement that ensures balance. It is made durable and water-resistant for a worry-free hunting experience. It has a smooth heel strike and an angled lug to prevent downhill slip, and a reliable traction to enable balance on a tree. These insulated rubber hunting boots can be used on rocks, soft dirt, and muddy areas with a lot of weeds and leaves.

With the features these boots have, they are surely something to check out! However, these hunting boots are just ideal for men’s use. Therefore, if you are looking for the best ankle-high hunting boots for women, maybe you will love this other pair of Irish Setter Vaprtrek boots for women: The 2881 Vaprtrek 8-inch Teal Hunting Boots.

Features and Benefits

These Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots are lightweight waterproof hunting boots. They are designed to be best for early season (late summer to early fall) hunting, because of their ankle-high boot structure. These Irish Setter 2870 Boots are designed to withstand water and mud with its waterproofing system.

This pair is made cozy and breathable and can be used in dry and marshy areas. It gives sufficient coverage and guards against the external elements, keeping your feet warm and safe. Also, if you desire to go hiking, consider Vaprtrek Irish Setter Boots because they are lightweight and provide great traction as well as reliable support for balance with its cutting-edge RPM technology.

irish setter vaprtrek 2870 reviewNo matter how far you go and how long you hunt, rest assured your feet are kept warm, dry and bacteria-free when you wear these Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots. This hunting boot pair has ScentBan and UltraDry features, allowing your feet to remain dry, odor-free and protected.

These Irish Setter 2870 Boots are extremely flexible and durable. They can also withstand quite harsh weather conditions. As an agile hunter, having a lightweight, well-insulated and reliable hunting boots to wear is essential.

Now, with these Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots, you get the best early season hunting boots to make your hunting activity fun and worthwhile.
Irish setter vaprtrek 2870

Greatly Ideal for Early Season Hunting

These Irish Setter 2870 Boots are a great choice for early season hunting, because they are breathable and genuinely waterproof, even though they have the tendency to keep your feet warmer. However, these Irish Setter Hunting Boots keep your feet dry and secure even when going through swampy areas and marshes.

Lightweight and Breathable to Wear (even on long walks and trails!)

These ankle-high hunting boots are made of a complex material to make it lightweight and ideal for long walks during hunting. The ultra-dry waterproof system used in these boots serves as a form of protection to your feet, regardless of the moisture. This, then, allows hunters to walk through swamps, muds, and creeks while keeping their feet dry and secure.

Optimum Comfort, Safety, and Protection

Irish Setter Boots offer a magnificent athletic force on balance to enable utmost confidence while hunting. Their lace-up design provides a snug and perfect fit. These boots’ shaft measures 7” from their shaft to provide support and safety to your feet when doing extreme hunting activities. These Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots are also great to use since they prevent odor and bacteria from forming.


  • These hunting boots are durable, flexible and lightweight.
  • They are genuinely 100% waterproof
  • Irish Setter 2870 Boot provides absolute protection and reliable traction for your hunting activity.
  • Wearing these boots leave your feet snug, odor- and bacteria-free.
  • These hunting boots are a highly recommended choice for early season hunting, because of their ankle-high structure and breathable feature.


  • These boots are a little bit huge for hunters with small shoe sizes.
  • They are not ideal for casual use.

Social Proof

Designed for rugged work outdoors, the Irish Vaprtrek Setter Boots are one of the leading and trusted hunting boot brands. You can see that on various retail online sites, different users have recommended these boots best for hunting use. One of the users even said that Vaprtrek Irish Setter Boots 2870 are the best, and he would recommend anyone in need of a hunting boot to check them out.


If you are looking for other products aside from these Irish Vaprtrek Setter Boots 2870, choose the following listed below:

Irish setter vaprtrek 2870 lacrosse aerohead hunting boot

1. Lacrosse Aerohead Hunting Boot

These boots are leather-made for exceptional durability. They offer comfort and a personalized fit when used for hiking. Also, this hunting boot pair is structured with a natural rubber compound that makes them quite easy to pull and take off. Check on Amazon


Irish setter vaprtrek 2870 guide gear mens 2400gram thinsulate monolithic hunting boots

2. Guide Gear Men’s 2400-gram Thinsulate Monolithic Hunting Boots

These hunting boots are made of tough and water-resistant soft leather, making them snug to use. This pair has an airy membrane feature to keep feet dry even in cold and wet condition. Also, these boots deliver excellent traction and enable balance with their oil-proof rubber outsole. Check on Amazon


Irish setter vaprtrek 2870 lowa tibet gtx hi

3. Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX WXL

If you decide to go for a knee-high design hunting boots, the Lowa Tibet GTX HI is a great choice for you. These boots provide maximum ankle support, especially on the high-speed hunting spree. Check on Amazon


How good is the insulation?

These boots’ insulation is good enough to keep your feet dry and snug when hunting under an early season temperature (late summer to early fall).

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Are there sizes available for people with big feet?

Since Irish Hunting Boots come in various sizes (8 D(M) US to 14 D(M) US), maybe a pair can perfectly fit your feet.

Can these boots fend off snake bites and thorny bushes?

Yes, they can. These boots are made with a combination of rubber and fabric, which make them very thick. So, snake bites and thorny bushes can’t pierce through the boot.

Are these boots ideal for late season hunting as well?

No, these Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots are not ideal for cold and freezing late season hunting. Since these boots do not have proper insulation fit for such condition, I suggest you choose another hunting boots. If you are looking for the best hunting boots fit for winter or late season hunting, I highly recommend you Guide Gear Men’s 2400-gram Thinsulate Monolithic Hunting Boots.

Do these boots have removable insoles?

Yes, these hunting boots have removable insoles.

These Irish Vaprtrek Setter Boots are an excellent choice when it comes to searching the best hunting footwear. These boots are well-constructed, which makes them tough, durable and flexible. They are also lightweight and waterproof, and provide maximum comfort and support even on quite harsh weather conditions.

This pair of hunting boots would be favorable for any hunter traversing through thick bushes, marshes, swamps and mountain terrains. Therefore, if you are looking for the best hunting boot pair, I highly recommend you these Irish Setter Vaprtrek 2870 Boots.

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