Many professional hunters would love the Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 hunting boots. It has a lot of useful features that enables you to conquer challenging hunting terrains. We have checked all of its ergonomics and we found out that it can really make the cut!

A serious hunter would love to keep all his gears in check. Of course, the gun (a rifle or a shotgun) is the most important tool that a marksman should have. But sniping or tracking birds is hard, especially that these creatures are very mobile and sensitive. An excellent upland hunting boot is necessary on these types of hunts. For that, you should read our Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Review.

The Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter-808 Hunting Boot is ideal upland footwear. Specifically, it is great if you are into bird hunting. Most of our staff has tried this pair of leather hunting boots, and all they can say is that they are exceptional.

A good pair of hunting boots is essential if you are a bird hunter. Unlike hunting land-based animals such as deer, birds don’t come and wait for you to shoot them. You are the one who will find them. If you are a bird hunter like us, then you should know already that the favorite locations of birds like Chukars, Pheasants, and Grouse are on terrains that could break our feet easily.

You will need a pair of hunting waterproof boots that can survive the endless rocky slopes and steep gorges. There are some footwears that can efficiently deal with these challenges. However, one of the best is undoubtedly the Irish Setter Upland Boots.

Things to Consider Before Buying Irish Setter Wingshooter 808

Irish Setter Wingshooter 808As we said earlier, hunting birds will require us to go to challenging and difficult terrains. Usually, these flying creatures love to stay in the uplands. Therefore, you will need a pair of comfortable leather waterproof boots that can deal with these obstacles.

Bird and upland hunters will certainly love the features of Irish Setter Wingshooter 808. It is has a great and sturdy construction, which is ideal for hunters who are in constant pursuit of challenges, even if it means going against the elements.

Expert hunters will certainly not think twice when they will see the quality of this footwear. Even for novices, this pair of waterproof hunting boots can be already appealing.

However, if you prefer knee-rise boots, then the Wingshooter is not the right one for you. By the way, knee-rise boots are not ideal for upland hunting.

In choosing an upland hunting boot, there are several considerations that you have to take. Here are they:

Materials – The quality of the construction material will determine the overall performance of your boots. Choose one that can adapt to your usual routes or terrains. In upland hunting, leather boots such as the Irish Setter Waterproof Boots is the best choice.

Waterproofing – Upland hunting means that you are susceptible to rain and wet conditions. You will be against snows and moist, which can make your feet mushy. A pair of waterproof hunting boots for men and women is always advisable if you want to survive these conditions.

Lacing and Soles – The soles should be part of your primary considerations when choosing a hunting boot. The outsole and insole should be able to provide flexibility and support to your arches.

If you are traveling with heavy gears, choose a pair hunting boots that have thick soles. If it is the opposite, then a thin sole would be fine.

One the other hand, your hunting shoes should have an ankle-high lacing. This type of lacing design is useful in giving technical support without restricting your movements.

Features and Benefits

The Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots is a favorite footwear for bird hunters and upland adventurers. It has a lot of features to support these kinds of endeavors such as its UltraDry technology to reliable waterproofing. Moreover, this pair of boots possesses quality features such as soles that efficiently reduce weight and cushion for optimal comfort.

As per observation, the Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 ranks next to LaCrosse Aerohead and Lowa Tibet GTX. However, it is far superior to Northside Renegade 800 and Bogs Hunting Boots.

The Wingshooter 808 is a unique men’s waterproof hunting boots–even on its home brand, Irish. It is first on the line, and we are still expecting some upgrades on this hunting boots to solidify its performance fully.

Ultra-dry Waterproofing System

One of the features that any hunters would love about Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots is its UltraDry Waterproofing System. Technically, it is an integration of waterproof components and moisture management schemes to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

We all know how wet it can get when you are hunting birds. You will cross those streams and swamps just to follow your prey. Sometimes, it rains, too. In these occasions, your feet is the main casualty. However, if you are wearing the Irish Setter Wingshooter 808, then this would not be a problem.

Quality Soles

Irish Setter Wingshooter 808

The soles of your footwear define the quality of your adventure–whether you are hunting or taking a morning jog. The Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots use the Prairie Soles that efficiently provides comfort and flexibility to your feet. Because of these soles, weight dispersion and stability became for this pair of boots. Regardless of how steep or slide the terrain you are taking, you can be confident that these boots can keep up with you.

Moreover, it also has a heel-molded counter and removable polyurethane footbed. These features drastically improve the traction and comfort of this footwear.

Durable Construction

In technical activities like bird hunting, you will need to wear gears that can withstand the harsh conditions and varying elements. Aside from having the right hunting implements, you will also need the clothes that can keep you safe and comfortable. For your feet, Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots is not a regrettable choice.

This pair of hunting boots is made from Goodyear Leather Welt. Among all the kinds of leather products, the Goodyear is among the sturdiest. It is invulnerable to scratches and tears, which is very useful on encountering rocky terrains. Moreover, this leather possesses waterproof properties, which enhances the waterproofing performance of the boots.

Overall, Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots performs well in all areas except the insulation. Which helps it to take the position in best hunting boots. It would be hard for you to take this pair of boots on a winter hunt because it has no built-in insulation.


  • Uses UltraDry Technology for foolproof waterproofing
  • Have a moisture wicking nylon
  • Full grain and waterproof upper leather (Goodyear Leather Welt)
  • Prairie soles effectively disperse the weight of the body
  • Have sizes for people with wide feet


  • Does not have an insulation, which lessens its performance in cold temperatures

Social Proof

Aside from us, many hunters have already tried the Irish Wingshooter 808 Hunting Boots. This pair of boots has been in demand, particularly among the ranks of bird hunters because of its excellent quality and materials. If you look at online retail stores, you can see that this product is receiving hundreds of positive feedback.


If you are looking for other options for hunting boots aside from Irish Wingshooter 808, then we can recommend three products that are worth the try.

Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 best-hunting-boots-alt11

1. Under Armour Men’s UA Brow Tine Hunting Boots

If you are looking for lightweight hunting boots, then choosing the Brow Tine is the right choice. This pair of boots is recommended for hunters who like to travel. Although they don’t have sufficient waterproofing, these boots are very breathable. Check on Amazon


Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 best-hunting-boots-alt22

2. Kamik Men’s Nation Camo Hunting Boot

If you are looking for a pair of boots that have insulation, then choose the Nation Camo Hunting Boot. It is also good if you always carry heavy loads of hunting gears and equipment. Check on Amazon


Irish Setter Wingshooter 808 best-hunting-boots-alt33

3. Lowa Tibet GTX HI – The Lowa Tibet GTX HI is a pair of hunting boots

Which performs exceedingly well in dry conditions. It is highly breathable and has several cushions to give comfort and protection to your feet while navigating hills and slopes. Check on Amazon


How heavy is one boot?

Not more than 3 pounds. But still, it depends on the size.

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How good are these boots on icy terrain?

Although it can keep up with slips, these boots have the tendency to slide because it doesn’t possess slip resistance

Are these boots available for people with wide feet?

Yes. Irish made a special sizing for those hunters with wide feet.

Are these boots breathable?

Yes. Despite its rigid and sturdy construction, these boots still provide ventilation.

Where is this product manufactured?


Overall, the Irish Setter Wingshooter-808 Hunting Boots will not fail you if you are looking for footwear that can survive the harsh conditions of bird-hunting. It has all the qualities that you need for a hunting footwear, such as sturdiness, comfort, flexibility, and stability.

Moreover, these boots shield your feet from moisture and rain. Bird and upland hunting are quite technical. Therefore, you will always need to equip yourself with the right gears to maximize your performance on the field.

If you like to know more about the Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter-808 Hunting Boots, then click here!

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