As an avid lover of outdoor adventure, having the best and most reliable footwear to use such as Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots is essential for my activity to be fun, safe and truly fulfilling. Over the years, I have used a lot of outdoor boots as footwear. They have been useful, but sadly, for just a short period of time.

In doing outdoor activities such as hunting, I believe that having durable, lightweight and high-quality boots that stand the test of time are great. Thus, one pair of boots I believe passes these criteria Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots.

Things to Consider Before Buying lacrosse rubber hunting boots

lacrosse rubber hunting bootsHaving a reliable pair of boots to use outdoors is highly important, since there is definitely going to be lots of walking, bending and running involved. Thus, by using these Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots, rest assured you are using footwear made with the highest quality to make your treads, runs and ducks comfortable, more endurable and safe.

In addition, these boots are made lightweight, genuinely protective and water-resistant. Thus, if you are looking for outdoor boots made for the wild, this pair of Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots is definitely a great choice.

These boots are especially made for men outdoor adventurers with different shoe sizes since these Lacrosse Boots for men are available in 5-15 D(M) US shoe sizes. In addition, these Lacrosse Hunting Boots are made rugged but lightweight to be highly functional for more aggressive hunting activities.

However, these boots are not ideal for women’s use, especially women with shorter height measurements or small shoe sizes. Thus, I recommend another Lacrosse rubber hunting boots especially made for women, which is these LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boots.

Features and Benefits

These Lacrosse Grange Rubber Boots are made to be highly functional for hunting and other outdoor activities. They are made durable and water-resistant, which could be greatly helpful when going on an outdoor adventure in muddy and wet terrains. In addition, these Lacrosse Rubber Boots are made to offer the user leg and sole comfort and security, especially when doing a more aggressive outdoor hunting activity.

Compared to other well-performing, but quite expensive hunting boot brands such as The Original Muck Boots and Le Chameau, these Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots go on par with these products’ excellent quality without being too expensive.

Furthermore, these Lacrosse 18 Grange Rubber Boots are specially made for men with different shoe sizes, since these men’s waterproof hunting boots are available in 5-15 D (M) US shoe sizes. Given that there are other men’s hunting boots that can be used by women, these Lacrosse Grange Boots are definitely not ideal for women, especially those with shorter heights and smaller shoe sizes.
lacrosse rubber hunting boots

Optimum leg and sole comfort

Doing outdoor activities can be challenging at times. Thus, having reliable and comfortable footwear to use is best and perfectly suits the adventure action. By using these Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots, guaranteed they can offer you optimum leg and sole comfort with each boot’s foamed insole and Ankle-Fit technology. Thus, you can do the treads, runs and ducks with ease.

Durable, lightweight and long with its 18” high-quality rubber built

These lightweight waterproof hunting boots are made durable and long with its 18” high-quality rubber built. Thus, no matter how muddy or wet the areas you could come across, rest assured your feet remain dry and secure.


In doing hunting and other outdoor activities, giving a big room to think that you, especially your lower body area, are going to get wet and dirty, is wise. Thus, getting ready for this would be better, and wearing a suit and footwear that is waterproof would greatly help.

Aside from Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots’ long built, they are also made to be resistant to water, adding to the dryness and security of your feet. That’s why it has placed in our best hunting boots list.

Greatly ideal for more aggressive hunting and outdoor activities

Since these Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots are made long, lightweight and durable, you can definitely rely on them to keep your feet dry, comfortable, safe and secure. Thus, this pair of boots is greatly ideal for more aggressive hunting and outdoor activities.

Well-made boots at a relatively lower price

Compared to other hunting boot brands, Lacrosse offers a great deal on their hunting boots, especially on these Lacrosse 18 Grange Rubber Boots. Thus, you can definitely have well-made boots to use without necessarily having to break the bank.


  • They are made with high-quality and durable rubber.
  • Each boot has a long 18-inch rubber built, making it greatly ideal for use on muddy and wet terrains.
  • They are water-resistant, keeping your feet securely fit and dry.
  • Each boot has a foamed insole and Ankle-Fit technology which offers you a comfortable fit in every use.Each boot has an outsole that offers optimum traction.


  • The boots are quite hard to get off after use.
  • They come with a strong chemical smell when unboxed.
  • Each boot is not lined with felt material.

Social Proof

According to hunters and other people who have tried these Lacrose Rubber Hunting Boots, they were happy and satisfied with them. These boots offer a snug and comfortable fit, and they are really proven to be resistant to water. However, one common issue they have is the boots are hard to remove after use.


If you are looking for other options for hunting boots aside from Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots, then we can recommend three products that are worth the try.

lacrosse rubber hunting boots lacrosse womens alphaburly pro15 realtree apg hunting boots

1. LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boots

If you are looking for waterproof rubber boots for women, these pair of boots could be ideal for you. It has a shorter 15” built compared to the Lacrosse 18 Grange Rubber Boots, and its shoe size and built are especially made for women’s typical leg form/built. Check on Amazon


lacrosse rubber hunting boots lacrosse-mens-aerohead-mossy-oak-infinity-hunting-boot2. LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 7.0mm Hunting Boot

If you are looking for a pair of boots that have insulation, then choose the LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 7.0mm Hunting Boot. It is also good if you always carry heavy loads of hunting gears and equipment. Check on Amazon


lacrosse rubber hunting boots lacrosse mens 4xburly 1200g hunting boot

3. LaCrosse Men’s 4Xburly 1200G Hunting Boot

Which performs exceedingly well in dry conditions. It is highly breathable and has several cushions to give comfort and protection to your feet while navigating hills and slopes. Check on Amazon


What is the price range for these hunting boots?

These boots usually cost around $67-120.

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Do these boots have steel toes?

Sadly, these boots do not have steel toes.

Are these boots ideal for hot weather?

Yes, these boots are definitely ideal to use during hot weather.

Are these boots comfortable to wear even for longer periods?

Yes, these boots are comfortable to wear even if you’re going to spend lots of hours outdoors.

Are these boots available in different colors?

No, they aren’t. These boots are only available in OD Green.

Lacrosse Rubber Hunting Boots are a great choice of footwear if you want to keep your feet snug, comfortable and secure even for longer hunting and activity times as well as when doing more aggressive outdoor activities. These boots are made durable, lightweight and water-resistant, making them really ideal for outdoors.

If you plan on purchasing Lacrosse Rubber Boots on Amazon, the website currently offers great prices on this pair of boots. Thus, get this cheap Lacrosse Hunting Boots today by clicking on this link below.

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