Hunting has a long history that traces back to when our forefathers used to do it for food. Today, hunting is done for food, trade, and also for recreation. Firearms are among the most used hunting tools today. Like any other tool or equipment, knives need to be well maintained to function optimally.

Therefore, firearm cleaning and knife maintenance should be prioritized as with the time of use, dirt and other foreign elements begin to build up and could damage the handle and the blade. Your set of quality Medford knives must be well taken care of.

Here are some maintenance tips that will make your hunting knives, ott knives, ceramic knives, an otf knife, or any kind of knife last longer.

1. Only use them for hunting

Specialty knives must only be used for the purpose they were designed for. A skinning knife should only be used for skinning. A kitchen knife should only be used for cooking and preferably on a good cutting board. Knives used for dressing games should only be used for that. Using the right knife will ensure the job is correctly done.

2. Sharpen them regularly

On the other hand, you will prevent damage caused by overworking the knives if you sharpen them properly. Proper knife sharpening can be challenging for some knives, such as stainless steel. But for most knife blade types, sharpening is pretty straightforward.

If you have a pocket knife, blade sharpening is easy. Just get a sharpening stone and follow the directions. Be careful with expensive German and Japanese knife models as they’re easy to mess up. And while sharpening your blades, make sure to use proper knife safety.

3. Lubricate hunting knives regularly

Not most people would think it necessary to lubricate knives. However, it is something that needs to be done for knives to last. Note that oil or lubrication creates a protective coating on the knife’s blade, protecting it from corrosion.

If you are working with a folding knife, it is also vital to oil the moving components. Oiling the joints will ensure smooth movement of the parts. It is also crucial to use food-grade oils for lubrication as some oils may leave an odd taste on the meat. Plus, carbon steel knife models are prone to rusting. Luckily most carbon steel knives are only used for cooking. Hunting knives have to be more resilient, as do pocket knife types.

4. Clean the knife after use

How to Maintain Your Knife During the Hunting SeasonHunting knives must be cleaned well after every use. Do not only pay attention to the blade but also the entire knife, from the handle to the shaft. Failure to do so may lead to crumbs building on the knives. When moisture is involved, bacteria will start to grow.

Knives should be washed with hot soapy water. Also, put into consideration the material of the knife when cleaning. For instance, carbon steel knives should be cleaned with water and baking soda. If you have the user manual for the blade, it is wise to also look at the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

After cleaning, ensure that the knife is entirely dried with a clean towel.

Please do not leave any moisture behind, as it can cause corrosion. Avoid touching the blades after cleaning as oils and sweat from our hands also cause corrosion.

5. Blade Storage

Storage also matters. Knives must be stored safely and adequately. It is vital to keep the knife dry, and therefore, a humidity-free environment would be great. Leather sheaths are recommended for outdoor storage, but not for a long time, as chemicals used to make the sheath can damage the blade.

Plain paper is recommended for long-term storage. A desiccant can also be included to ensure the knife stays dry. Always store knives in a knife block or sheath. You want to keep a sharp knife sharp. Plus you want them to be corrosion free. And a dull knife is a dangerous knife.


Conclusion for proper knife maintenance

Things last when taken care of. Maintenance and care of your hunting tools, which includes knives, is paramount. Use the guide above for proper knife care and your knives will maintain sharp blades, be rust-free and maintain their perfect form.


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