When looking for the ideal hunting boots, one should not ignore the Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid as a premium choice. This pair of hunting footwear offers quality protection and support, especially on challenging terrains.

We all know the discomforts of hunting. Even the veterans know that the field is not always in their favor. This is the reason why a superb hunting boot is quite a necessity. If you want to own a great pair, then you should read our Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid review.

Things to Consider Before Buying  Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid

MuckHunting will require you traverse on technical courses. These areas such as swamps and steep hills are not easy to deal. You need to train and equip yourself before you can pass them. Moreover, a quality hunting boot such as the Muck Boots Excursion is also necessary.

This pair of hunting boots is essential for hunters who are always hiking and climbing edges.

Furthermore, you will like this boot if you are always dwelling on swampy hunting grounds.

Aside from that, this footwear has separate sizing for men and women hunters. The Muck Boots for Men and Muck Boots for Women guarantee anyone’s feet a snugly and comfortable fit.

Before buying these boots, always consider your priorities. Apparently, these boots have a rubber construction. Specifically, this material is good if you are always traversing wet terrains. However, you should know that boots made from rubber are quite heavy. If you are keen to the weight, then consider other brands such as the Irish Setter Elk Tracker and Under Armour UA Brow Tine Hunting Boots

Features and Benefits

Anyone would love the quality of the Muck Boot Excursion. Among all the men’s waterproof boots, the Muck Boot Pro Mid has one of the best waterproofing. Aside from the rubber, it has an inner lining made from neoprene, which makes it waterproof. This feature makes this footwear ideal for hunters who always go in rivers, puddles, and swaps. However, you can always use the Muck Boot Excursion in different seasons.

On the other hand, these boots provide optimal comfort and insulation. Even if you use this footwear on extended hours, your feet won’t feel any sores or aches. It also has an excellent fitting and appealing physical design.  That’s why it’s one of the Before buying these boots in amazon.

The entire construction of the Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid efficiently provides traction. It doesn’t matter if you are taking slippery paths. This hunting boot will guarantee that you won’t lose your balance.

These are the major features that the Muck Boot Excursion. Each of these qualities contributes to the usefulness of this footwear to hunters

100% Waterproof

Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid

If your priority for a pair of hunting boots is its waterproofing, then choose the Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid. It has a 4mm layer of CR Flex-foam (neoprene) which makes it immune to water. The neoprene is a lightweight and durable material usually found in the upper construction of a boot. It can also give your feet warmth during the cold seasons.

Perfect for All Seasons

Even though that this boot is not breathable because of its rubber construction, your feet can still feel coolness while inside. This is due to the exclusive Muck Sock liner which reduces the internal friction and heat. For those who are always on the move, this feature is truly necessary. Excessive movements generate heat quickly. Therefore, there is a good chance that your feet can get agitated and irritated.

However, these boots did not compromise its coolness. Another technology that is present in the Muck Boot Excursion is the XpressCool Lining. This inner lining provides optimal freshness to your feet to compensate for its lack of breathability. You can still wear these boots even the temperature is humid.

Specifically, the comfort range of this pair of hunting boots is between 40 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, the XpressCool Lining efficiently disperses bacteria and other microbial agents that can cause body odor.

Hunting-Friendly Construction

The reason why the Muck Boot Excursion is good for watery terrains is that of its lightweight EVA outsole. This outsole contains several rubber pods so that it can give your feet a good hold to the ground. If you are expecting that your hunting ground will be slippery, you should wear these boots.

Moreover, the entire height of the boots is sufficient enough to cover your feet up to your ankles. As long as you wear a pair of good hunting pants, you can guarantee that this footwear can protect your feet from sharp sticks and rocks.

In general, the Muck Boot Excursion hunting boots if you mind the comfort and usability. Once again, this footwear is somehow heavy. You must take this factor into consideration.


  •  4mm Neoprene layer for absolute waterproofing
  •  Outsole has rubber pods for traction and stability
  •  The rubber wraps the feet perfectly for a guaranteed protection
  •  Sock liner reduces friction between the feet and the boots
  •  Casual and straightforward look


  •  This pair of hunting boots is quite heavy because of its rubber  construction
  •  Not a breathable hunting boot

Social Proof

The brand Muck is a trusted manufacturer of hunting boots and hiking footwear. Each of their products has already received positive feedback from their users. Specifically, their Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid has a good standing on different online retailers. Several hunters and hiking enthusiasts already commended this footwear for its excellent performance on the field.


If you want other choices aside from the Muck Boot Excursion, then try these following hunting boots:

Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid irish-setter-860-elk-tracker

1. Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker

If you are looking for a pair of hunting boot that can withstand the coldest environments, then choose the Irish Setter. It doesn’t matter how cold your hunting ground is. This footwear has a Gore-Tex lining to keep your feet dry and warm.Check on Amazon


Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid under-armour-ua-brow-tine-hunting-boots

2. Under Armour UA Brow Tine Hunting Boots

If you prefer to travel light, then choose the Brow Tine Hunting Boots of Under Armour. The entire pair only weighs 400g, which is extremely light. However, these boots have no adequate waterproofing. You can’t take it on any bodies of water.Check on Amazon


Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid kamik-mens-nation-camo-hunting-boot

3. Kamik Men’s Nation Camo Hunting Boot

One of your alternatives should be the Camo Hunting Boot of Kamik. It is a heavy but warm hunting boot. It is an ideal wear for cold environments. Moreover, it has rubber soles to keep your feet dry and humid. Expect that this hunting boot is truly rugged and durable.Check on Amazon


Can I easily wear them on my feet?

Wearing this footwear can be quite tricky. You should expect this because of its full rubber construction

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How do I convert to a women's size 9?

Just subtract the number to 2. It should be men’s size 7.

Is this true size footwear?

Yes. All of the Muck Boots product have exact foot sizing.

Are the parts are all in one piece?

No. The soles are molded on the upper.

Where is this product made?


Overall, the quality of Muck Boot Excursion Pro Mid is superb for hunting purposes. It can provide optimal comfort and support to your feet, without losing balance. Aside from that, its construction makes it ideal for any seasons. As guaranteed, these boots won’t let you slide even if you are traversing slippery terrains.

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