If you are a hunting enthusiast, you know how important it is to have a good pair of footwear. These gear will protect your feet from the harsh elements of the wild. For this, one of your top choices should be the Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots.

This pair of hunting boots is perfect for any terrain. You can take it anywhere you want it without having to worry that it will wear off. To know more about this footwear, you should keep reading this Rocky Bearclaw 3D Boots Review!

Things to consider before buying Rocky Bearclaw 3d boots

rocky bearclaw 3d bootsA pair of hunting boots is essential whenever you decide to trek rocky terrains or steep heels. They are necessary if you are to planning to hunt on marshes and puddles. You can’t take these environments of you don’t have a good hunting leather boots. Your feet will not endure the elements if you don’t have a quality footgear on your disposal.

The Rocky Bearclaw Boots are for hunters and hiking enthusiasts. This footwear has a sturdy and rugged construction, which is ideal for the outdoor terrains. However, any individuals can wear these boots, especially if is already the cold season.

When choosing for a hunting boot, choose wisely the materials. A leather hunting boots for men like Rocky Bear are best for hunting purposes. This is because they can seal off your feet from any harm and can provide excellent stability and support.

Moreover, always check the height of your boots. Ankle boots are perfect for hiking and long walks. If you plan to remain on a particular ground, you can be stealthy with knee-high boots like Rocky Lace Up Boots. Lace up hunting boots can give support and rugged protection to your body, while effectively dispersing weight.

Features and Benefits

The Rocky Bearclaw Boots are excellent footwear choice for an all-weather hunt. However, it can show its brilliance when you will take it on a cold or watery terrain. This is because the Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots have excellent insulation to protect your feet against these elements.

The Rocky Hunting Boots are at par with some of the best hunting boots today. Its quality can match those of the LaCrosse Aerohead and Danner Men’s Jackal II Hunting Leather Boot. You can expect that this pair of hunting boot can serve you even during harsh conditions.

The Rocky Hunting Boots have the following features that are essential for hunting.
rocky bearclaw 3d boots

Waterproof and Breathable

The hunting condition is never steady. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it dry. This is a reason why hunters should have a pair of hunting boot that can adapt to the sudden changes in the weather. The Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots have a Gore-Tex membrane that performs two functions. First, to keep your feet dry when it is raining. Second, to make your feet comfortable it is humid.

Sturdy and Durable

You can never anticipate your hunting environment. Moreover, dealing with the elements such as edgy rocks and sharp branches can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right footwear. Good thing, the Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots has an exceptional rigidity thanks to its full-grain leather and nylon construction. If your intention it to hunt, then leather boots should be your primary choice.

Aside from this, the Rocky Lace Up Boots uses the patented ROCKY 3D welt technology. It is a combination of the Goodyear welt and storm welt to improve its durability and rigidness. This feature makes these boots a great partner in extreme hunts.

Comfortable For Hunting

Despite is heavy-duty look, the Rocky leather boots are extremely comfortable. First, it uses 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation that protect your feet from the extreme cold. Second, the footbed has the exclusive Rocky Air-Port cushion, which absorbs impact and shock.

Moreover, these boots have a lace-to-toe lacing system so that you can adjust them for a perfect fit! Also, it has a self-cleaning lug design for optimal traction on the ground, no matter how slippery it is.

Except for minimal sizing issues, the Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots perform well as a hunting footwear.

If you are a professional hunter or a hobbyist, this footwear is ideal for you.


  • Full-grain leather and tough nylon for superior protection
  • Combination of Goodyear welt and storm welt for durability
  • Gore-Tex fabric membrane to keep your feet dry
  • Self-cleaning lug design
  • Absolute Waterproof


  • Can be a little wide for those that have small feet

Social Proof

Apparently, the Rocky Bearclaw Boots are doing well when it comes to user feedback and review. It receives several positive recommendations on different online retail shops. One user even said that this hunting boot worked well even for a 12-hour straight hunting. We have not seen a prominent hunter who wore these boots yet. However, we are confident that they will like the quality of these hunting boots.


If you are looking for more options aside from Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots, choose the following:

rocky bearclaw 3d boots lacrosse aerohead hunting boot

1. LaCrosse AeroHead Hunting Boot

This hunting footwear is a full-height boot, which can perform excellently on swampy terrains. It has a superb waterproofing and sturdy construction, too. Check on Amazon


rocky bearclaw 3d boots danner mens jackal ii hunting leather boot

2. Danner Men’s Jackal II Hunting Leather Boot

Consider this pair of hunting boots if you are always doing long-distance hunts. It provides optimal comfort and support to prevent your feet from aching. Take note that these boots are quite slim in size. Check on Amazon


rocky bearclaw 3d boots lowa tibet gtx hi

3. Lowa Tibet GTX HI

If you are always tackling dry and hard terrains, then choose the Lowa Tibet GTX HI. This footwear is excellent in protecting your feet when you are carrying heavy loads during long treks. Aside from that, these boots have flexible soles so that it can give full body support. Check on Amazon


How good is the insulation?

It can take on below freezing temperatures.

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Are there available sizes of people wide feet?

Yes. Most of the Rocky footwear are made available for different sizes.

Do these have steel toe?

No. However, it has steel shanks.

Can these boots be re soled?

Since it has a welt system, re-soling it is possible.

How tall are these boots?

13 inches

Overall, the Rocky Bearclaw 3D boots are an excellent choice for hunters who love to dwell on challenging grounds. It has an all-weather construction so that it can adapt to any conditions. Moreover, it has a sturdy but comfortable construction, which makes ideal for extended usage.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or just a starting amateur, choosing the Rocky Bearclaw boots is indeed a worthy investment.

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