The best tactical paracord available is the 750 paracord. It is durable, dependable, and long-lasting. Moreover, the 750 paracord is slightly thicker than a 550 paracord and is 26% heavier. Belts, leashes, emergencies, and heavier-duty projects are only a few examples of its uses.


Examples of 750 Paracord

Aside from belts, leashes, emergencies, and heavy-duty projects, here are more detailed examples of a 750 paracord:

Tough Paracord 750 lb Mil-Spec Paracord

The Wonders of a 750 ParacordSome people prefer a 750-pound Mil-Spec Paracord over a regular 550-pound paracord because they need something a little more durable. This rugged, long-lasting cord has 11 strands, each with three yarns and a minimum failure rating of 750 pounds.

Moreover, 750 paracords are much more durable than regular Type III paracordsregular Type III paracords, making them suitable for tying down heavy loads, anchoring a fishing boat, and hoisting heavy objects. Keep in mind, however, that a 750 paracord is insufficient for use as a climbing cable.

Tough-Grid 750 lb Paracord

Tough-Grid 750 lb paracord is available in 50, 100, or 150-foot coils, as well as 1,000-foot spools. It has 11, 3 yarn strands for maximum durability. Tough-Grid 750 lb Paracord gets produced in the US, and, remarkably, it never gets spliced.  Because of this, we think Tough-Grid is the best choice for paracord in the U.S.


The Uses of 750 Paracords

As the best tactical paracord available, the 750 paracords are flexible and offer a wealth of uses, such as the following:

Essential Gear for Campers and Hunters

The Wonders of a 750 ParacordHikers and hunters who have used paracord before have come to appreciate its versatility. From securing their tent against the wind to securing their trophy buck to their car, they use 750 paracords for almost everything. Paracord is also helpful for attaching gear to the outside of a pack, hanging bear packs from trees, and building improvised shelters.

Used to Create Bracelets

It is not always practical to carry a spool of paracord everywhere one goes. Thus, practical-minded people have learned that a paracord bracelet can be unwound and untangled in emergencies and used for all purposes cited above.

Can Help Get a Grip

Not every object in a person’s everyday carry (EDC) has the best grip. In any weather, a 750 paracord can be wound around the handle of a fixed blade knife, or any other essential EDC, to enhance the grip, thereby optimizing usability.

Used to Create a Fishing Line

Some people believe that a 750 paracord is too thick to be used as a fishing line. And they would be right if they tried to use it “as is.” However, people can open up a 750 paracord and cut one of the thin inner yarns to use as a fishing line. You may even use these yarns to weave a fishing net for those who are especially resourceful.

Make a Fashion Statement

The paracord bracelets described earlier are not only useful in an emergency but are also in high demand among fashion-conscious cities. While most preppers are unlikely to be interested, paracord is available in so many colors that it was always bound to make its way onto the fashion industry.

Perfect for Creating Lanyards

Lanyard holes can be found on a lot of EDC products these days, making paracord lanyards essential. Lanyards made of paracords are perfect. They are lightweight and durable and can weave into a variety of patterns. Moreover, using paracord lanyards can make all of the essential daily carry products more accessible.

Makes Campsites Safer

A 750 paracord comes in a wide range of colors. People can also get it in fluorescent paracords that shine in the dark or in ‘neon’ colors that are highly noticeable. People will see tent stakes and guy lines while walking around at night with this kind of paracord, making campsites safer.

Used in a Medical Emergency

In an emergency, 750 paracords can be broken down into individual yarns to make sutures. A professional outdoors person may make a paracord stretcher to transport an incapacitated person that needs to get carried. It can also create splints and slings. Moreover, you can also use 750 paracords to craft splints and slings.

Used to Create a Rescue Line

Flash floods often occur in the United States. Moreover, hikers and campers are often overcome by rapidly rising streams. At the same time, thousands of people per year fall through lakes or river ice in northern states, posing a unique risk. In such cases, you can use 750 paracords to make an efficient rescue line.

Used in Whole or in Part

A paracord has several thinner threads woven together. A 750 paracord, unlike normal cords, can be cut down in an emergency, and the strands used for several purposes.



The 750 paracords offer a wealth of benefits in various facets of life. When deciding whether or not to buy a paracord, people should consider the less obvious but often even more significant uses such as rescue lines, sutures, slings, splints, and more.

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