Choosing the best tactical boots can be quite a nitty-gritty process. There is a myriad of selections out there. However, if you want a name right now, we will be giving you the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots.

A tactical boot is usually worn by law enforcement officers and military personnel. Despite this, a tactical boot is also suitable for everyday usage. A hiker or a hunter can use this footwear to traverse difficult terrains. This is because a pair of tactical boots is comfortable, rigid, and reliable.

Moreover, read our Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots review to know why they have become the ideal combat footwear.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Under armour valsetz tactical boots

under armour valsetz tactical bootsUnder Armour is a known brand for tactical, sports, and hunting merchandise. Specifically, the Under Armour Tactical Shoes are quite popular. You can see them being worn by military officers.

However, If you are a person that loves hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting, then this pair of lightweight tactical boots can be your partner. This footwear performs excellently on harsh and “survival-type” of environments. On the other hand, the Under Armour Tactical Valsetz Boots can also be an excellent choice for outdoor purposes.

Even how stiff they look, the tactical Under Armour Boots are extremely lightweight and flexible.

However, it is not ideal to wear these boots for casual purposes, such as going to the mall. Its appearance would tell you that it is not appropriate.

Specifically, these boots are best for survival and hunting usage. You can fully utilize its full feature when you are out on the field already.

Moreover, always opt for a comfortable and durable pair of tactical boots. You need these features to survive in different adverse conditions. Also, choose a pair of lightweight, waterproof tactical boots. They are useful in environments where the weather and elements are constantly changing.

Features and Benefits

The Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots is one of our recommended hunting boots. It has excellent construction and features which make it perfect for dealing tough terrains and conditions. This pair of men’s tactical boots is specifically designed for military and tactical personnel. However, any hunting and camping enthusiasts can freely wear them.

One of the primary selling points of the Under Armour Valsetz is its durability and elemental resistance. Also, it has a rigid construction and provides a comfortable feel when you wear them.

Furthermore, this pair of tactical boots is available in two different colors: Black and Desert Sand. Specifically, the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots White color is not available.

In general, this footwear can give your feet optimal protection and support while traversing different environments. You can take it different terrains and temperature without the worries of discomfort and malfunction.

Here are the specific features and benefits you can get from Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots:
under armour valsetz tactical boots

Sturdy Construction

We want a pair of tactical boots because we need a pair of sturdy footwear. You won’t trek a mountain or traverse a rocky surface if you are wearing regular shoes. In hunting, no one can endure the long hours of walk and run without a good pair of footwear. Good thing, the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots is made of water-resistant mesh upper.  The combination of these materials makes these boots extremely sturdy. Furthermore, it gives this hunting boot the durability and breathability that any professionals will love!

Moreover, the footwear has a textured, high-abrasion rubber toe rand. This component efficiently protects your foot from any ground elements.

Perfect for Fast-Paced Movements

A tactical boot won’t live its name if it can’t keep up sharp movements and explosive takeoffs. You are not going outdoors to relax. You are going there because you want to test your skills and survival instincts. To surmise, you can do this if your footwear easily wears off. However, this is not true for Under Armour Valsetz.

It uses three patented Under Armour technology. First, the ArmourGuide efficiently improves the foot-to-strike guidance of this boot. Therefore, you can minimize impacts from propulsion. The second innovation, the ArmourBound, is responsible for giving a premium and responsive cushioning. This disperses any shock that has been generated by instantaneous movements (e.g. jumping).  The last one is the ArmourLastic which absorbs the shock at crucial impact zones of your feet. Such of these are in your heel and forefoot. With this, your feet are always safe!

Moreover, it also has a molded Ortholite on its sock liner to maintain stability and comfort while taking these actions.

All-Terrain Design

The Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots is specifically developed for tactical and outdoor uses. You can prove by looking on its outsole. You will notice that has a pattern of low-profile rubber lugs and crevices. This unique design enables this footwear to get a gold hold to the ground, thus generating enough traction.

Moreover, these boots are ideal for challenging terrains. It’s has a lightweight shank that gives enough midfoot support so that you won’t lose. It also improves the rigidity of this product.

Aside from sizing and waterproofing issues, the Under Armour Valsetz is definitely a decent choice for tactical boots. It both belong to the best hunting boots under 200 and best hunting boots under 100 categories.


  • UA ClutchFit Technology for optimal support and fit
  • Construction is made water-resistant and sturdy mesh
  • Have three patented technologies for improve rigidity and protection
  • Includes the Moisture Transport System to keep the entire system always dry
  • Presence of molded Ortholite with memory foam for stability and comfort
  • Efficient traction due to low-profile rubber lug sole


  • There are some sizing issues found on this product

Social Proof

Many hunting professionals are now wearing the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots. If you visit big hunting games, these boots are good as ubiquitous there. This proves the worth and value of this tactical footwear. You can also see the thousands of positive feedback this pair of tactical boots on different online retail shops.


There is nothing wrong if you are looking for other options. Specifically, here are some alternatives for the Valsetz Tactical Boots:

under armour valsetz tactical boots danner-tanicus

1. Danner Tanicus AR670-1

This pair of tactical boots is slightly longer compared to Valsetz. Moreover, its ideal terrain is desert and humid jungles. This is because of it has a breathable and sturdy construction.Check on Amazon


under armour valsetz tactical boots rocky-mens-c4t

2. Rocky Men’s C4T

One of the best aspects of the Rocky C4T is that soldiers themselves designed it. It is an ideal pair of tactical boots for people who are looking for military-grade footwear. Check on Amazon


under armour valsetz tactical boots rothco-deployment

3. Rothco Deployment

We describe these boots as a footwear made to endure severe punishments. It has a rigid construction, thanks to its synthetic leather construction. Aside from that, Rothco Deployment is waterproof. Check on Amazon


Are these boots waterproof?

No. But they can keep off water quite decently.

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How good are these boots during winter?

These boots have an adequate insulation. It can provide you the right warmth for certain temperatures

Are these boots available for people with wide feet?

Yes. Aside from that, it is very true to sizing.

Can you run long distances with these boots?

You can, because of it is lightweight and full of cushions.

Are these boots available for women?

Yes. However, they have different sizing. Go to measurement table of Under Armour to find the right size for you.

Considering all the features, we can say that the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots are an excellent choice for outdoor usage. It is sturdy, lightweight, and durable. Also, it is studded with different technologies to make its use extremely comfortable.

If you want to know more about this pair of tactical boots, just click here!

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