For survival show enthusiasts, the answer to the question “What is Paracord?” may already be a no-brainer. A paracord is a woven nylon rope used by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide because of its near-unrivaled flexibility and durability. Although it is an essential tool in the wild, it can also be advantageous in mundane, everyday life.

In reality, one might argue that the only limitation to paracord’s utility is your imagination. And, since it is such a cheap commodity to buy in its raw form, it is not a bad idea for anyone to have a bundle in your home, even if only for emergency use in a bug-out bag.


Reasons to Carry a Paracord

To support the idea that everyone must keep a Paracord handy, the following are the reasons for carrying a paracord:

It is Invaluable in Emergency Situations

People carry paracord for various reasons, the most common of which is to use it in emergencies. When there’s nowhere else to sleep, make a shelter by tying branches together. You may make a homemade fishing line by cutting the rope, pulling out the inner threads, and attaching a hook. Broke a bone while out in the woods? Make a splint out of the cord and a stiff branch before you can get medical assistance. Is it just a simple sprain? It is easy to make a sling to keep the weight off the injured limb. Use the cord as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding if the condition is critical.

It Gives a Good Grip

Another example of what paracord gets used for is it can give a good grip. The material has a slight elasticity to it.


This grip makes wrapping around EDC gear simple and safe. You can use a skeleton frame handle on certain small fixed blade knives. Wrapping a piece of paracord around it adds grip and holds a continuous length of the material close at hand.

Knot-Tying Practice

Knot-tying is an underappreciated hobby and ability that, when used correctly, can be extremely useful. You can also use it in combination with many of the other paracord uses, such as putting up a clothesline, using paracord as a tie-down, weaving paracord onto a knife handle, and so on. It is also great for securing tents, setting up animal traps, and more outdoors and nautical applications like attaching a boat to a dock and securing sail lines.

General Medical Use

One prominent example of paracord usage is its application in several practical medical functions, used to brace and tie wounds or, in the worst-case situation, as a last-resort tourniquet. This use, perhaps unsurprisingly, also applies to non-wilderness first aid. There are probably better options for the job, but paracord is one of the safest alternatives in a scramble.

It Personalizes a Carry in a Practical Way

Paracord comes in various colors and patterns, enabling users to personalize and accessorize their EDC. Moreover, it can accent a color scheme or bear one’s DIY creations. However, it still has the versatility of paracord at its heart.

Improvised Seats in the Wild

By securing a long log horizontally to two trees with paracord, one can create an improvised bench. People have been doing this with ropes for a long time, but paracord works just as well. After a long day of hunting and collecting, one can find relaxation in an improvised, paracord-supported seat.

It Makes Retrieving Gear from the Pocket Easier

Most knives have a lanyard hole, and paracord is the ideal material for it. If one wants to carry a pocket knife without a clip, a paracord lanyard is perfect. It is as easy as slipping any through the hole and securing it with a knot. With a little knot-tying knowledge, one can make lanyards in various shapes and designs to hold more cordage or fine-tune additional padding for tool grip. While still maintaining a low profile hold, pulling on this extra length will yield gear from one’s pocket more easily than searching around for it.

It Adds Visibility to One’s Essentials

Brightly colored paracord improves visibility, making it easier to locate and more difficult to lose one’s essentials. This visibility is particularly useful in pockets, pouches, and organizers with interiors that do not clash with the contents of the gear.



With a vast arsenal of paracord uses, one cannot question or overstate the importance of having a paracord handy. The relative quality and flexibility of paracords make them ideal not only for wilderness adventures but for day-to-day living as well.

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